5 thoughts on “Why is it a pet dog?”

  1. 1. Tire hair: Most of the native dogs are skewers. The tire hair grows differently, the color of the fetal hair is not pure, the gloss is not high, and the better pet dog has a very good tire hair, the tire hair grows, and the color is bright.

    2, personality: The main ability of the dog is the housekeeper. When you see a stranger, you will sing, the personality is more introverted, likes to look down at the ground, and does not like to communicate with others. Pet dogs like to communicate with people, and most of them are on people.

    3, appearance: Turkish dogs are a kind of unrestrained appearance, but very strong dogs are generally common in rural areas, and pet dogs are a kind of popular dog. Features are more common in cities.

    The so -called "earth dog" is just a local dog. Chinese soil dogs are Chinese pastoral dogs, while Corgi is the British "earth dog".

  2. Pet dogs are a big concept,
    Prope is a dog animal that people raised in order to eliminate loneliness or for entertainment purposes, or dogs that are raised for non -economic purposes

    It mainly depends on whether there is a owner and whether someone is raised.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer First, fetal hair: Most of the native dogs are skewers, the tire hair is different, the color is not pure, the gloss is not high, and the normal conditions of pet dogs are very complete. 2. Second, personality: The main role of the soil dog is housekeeping, so the personality is generally cautious, while the common pet dog personality is more docile. 3. Third, appearance: The appearance of the earth dog may not be outstanding, it is more common in the countryside, and the appearance of pet dogs is generally better.

  4. For example, wolf dogs are wolf, dogs will shake their tails, and wolves will not shake their tails.
    2, such as a dog that looks like a tiger than a tiger than a tiger, it depends on the length of the body

  5. Try not to buy it in the dog market, most of the dogs there are sick dogs. The card I bought for the first time was a sick dog. I was beaten with a small and she was beaten. It looked very lively. In fact, it was all false. That dog is really the pain in my heart. You'd better choose a certain kind of dog, check more relevant information and find out. If you buy it in the dog market, I tell you that you are absolutely not sure about the blood of the puppy. The puppy is basically received.

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