Where is there a dog field in Luzhou

Where is there a dog field in Chenzhou? Is there a teddy selling?

3 thoughts on “Where is there a dog field in Luzhou”

  1. In the dog farm, I know that there is one under the Aidi Plaza Bridge, and there is a dog field with advertising on the middle of the two pedestrian streets, but Teddy does not know if there is any. It seems that some pet shops can book

  2. Those dog shops on the antique streets on the walking street. Generally, there are dog fields in the suburbs. Aidi Plaza is not teddy. I know. I have a friend at the mouth of the bridge .. There is Teddy .. I want to know it. . You can enter Luzhou slippery dog ​​groups. The group in the group is full of dogs. As soon as you ask, you know. Luzhou dog group. Group number: 16452266 Our dog group has teddy selling. You can come in to find disabled. Just sell ..

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