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  1. Desktop pets (introduction) Looking at the computer desktop you get along over and night, it is still a silence, too no atmosphere. Today, Da Feizhu will introduce a few fun desktop pets. They will make your desktop full of vitality. You can also play your computer with you happily :). What are you hesitant? Go to adopt it! (Note: Electronic pets do not need to be installed, it is green software, just decompress execution) [Beautiful Bird] Beautiful bird, without feeding, it will catch the fish to eat [dancing the piglets]. Pig, very funny [Little Sheep] Cute Little Sheep, jumping on your desktop and jumping and naughty. [Silver Cat Cat] Living naughty little cat [FaFa Cat flower] gentle and lovely little flower [Favour cat fat cat] fat and fat, the fat flower cat (Makibao] king of green pasture feels weird. [Rogue Rabbit] This mini -game is very playable and easy to get started, but you need to be patient to raise this rabbit. To feed it and feed it, you must also command it (huh, that is, the signature action of the rogue rabbit -through the toilet!), Don’t be afraid of trouble :). I can develop an angel rabbit to take you!: D [Music Gubbi] If you like music, then don’t miss this desktop pet. Music Gubbi can perform rock music, you can relax when you are nervous, and click right to play with it. If you don’t want to play, you can rest. Music Gubbi will shrink to a corner, but your eyes will move with your mouse. ^o^. [Cute Pig] A pig who runs around on the desktop. A small pet, accidentally lost it on the table. Cat] The cute Kaidi cat played carefree on your desktop. [Fun Pikachu] After running, Pikachu walked around on the screen, and there was a call [cute little girl] cute little girl, singing and dancing on the desktop, and let her follow your mouse to jump. Brief introduction to the small pistol. [Ski Boy]: I am the real skiing master to show you a variety of superb skills. [Cute Penguin] Introduction: Can penguins fly too? Don’t believe it, there is one here, haha! [Rice Handsome Dog] Hi, I am the most handsome rice! [Golden Battleship] My golden warship is the strongest! [Hunter] Hum, the abominable cat, my hunter vowed to recapture the dog! [Savior] I am the savior, worship me! [Ninja Cat] There is no shadow, no trace, I am ninja cat! [Crosstalk Er Dog Group]-Fat Brother Hi, I am [Crosstalk Er Dog Group]-Fat Brother! [Crosstalk Er Dog Group] -The Thin Brother Hi, I am [Cousin Two Dog Group] -bat Brother! [Bubble mouse] As the mouse moves, it produces continuous beautiful bubbles, which is very beautiful!

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