5 thoughts on “How to overcome the phobia to the dog?”

  1. You are afraid of dogs, so do you have no dogs at home? If so, if you want to overcome that kind of fear, you have to raise a dog first and live with the docile dog for a while. Fear. Of course, if you want to raise it, you have to raise it from the puppy, and most of the puppies are very cute. Because you have also raised dogs, you will have more and more contact with dogs. After a period of time, you can slowly find that the dogs are not all very bad. Dogs have something to do with the region, in addition to the variety. For example, most of the dogs in the city are docile and no wild, because dogs with a little temper have been cleaned up by the city management. It is generally okay to contact such dogs. Most of the dogs in the countryside are not allowed to be touched by strangers. Because dogs in rural areas are mostly used, they have a sense of prevention of strangers. As a result, most of the dogs there are very fierce. Knowing different kinds of dogs is very helpful for your understanding of those dogs. In this way, you can know which dogs can be easily exposed, and which can not be contacted.

  2. I was afraid of dogs before, but now I am not afraid, but the dog is not so terrible. When you see the dog, don't panic, set the gods, the dog's smell is keen. According to research, there is a response to the subtle body taste of the human body. As soon as you change the smell, the dog treats you as a bad person. This is why people train police dogs. Keep calm first, then get more contact, and slowly will be better

  3. Don't run when you meet a dog. If you run, the dog will be chased and bite or squat down to see that the dog takes this posture as a threatened posture. Don't stretch your hands and suddenly reach out to the dog as dangerous. It is easy to be bitten by biting pet dogs that can be raised at home. You will find that the dog is actually cute.

  4. As the saying goes, dogs are human loyal friends. He is human. When you see a dog, don't be afraid of him first. Try to contact him. Meight!

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