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  1. If the dog has no dog -specific agent after a cold, you can feed it a mild children with a mild child cold granules. If the dog has obvious inflammation, you can also feed some children Amoxilin, and the feeding ratio is 10mgkg. Try to go to a regular pet pharmacy to buy a special potion, you can usually feed the dog to eat some board Lanten to prevent colds.
    1. Pediatric cold granules
    If there are no pet pharmacies nearby, you can buy a little cold granules for dogs, eat half a bag for dogs each time, and eat 2 to 3 times a day. Do not brew with water, just pour half of the bag to lick the dog. Children's cold granules have a sweeter taste and gentle medicinal properties, which is more suitable for puppies.
    2. Pediatric Amoxilin
    amoxicillin is mainly used for dog inflammation. It must be used by children. The proportion of feeding dogs is about 10mgkg. Don't feed too much too much. The dog's body can't bear it. It usually feeds 2 to 3 times a day, and it can be recovered in less than a week.
    3. Dogs for dogs
    If you do n’t know what medicine to take for a dog, try to go to a regular pet pharmacy to buy dog ​​-specific cold medicine for dogs. It is more expensive, but don't worry about eating bad dogs. Let the dogs take medicine for people, because you don't know what side effects will be.
    4. Feeding some Banlangen
    In in the cold season of cold, you can feed the dog a little panel Lantan every day to enhance the immune capacity and reduce the chance of dogs suffering from colds. When feeding, use the amount of children, and you can mix it in dog food for the dogs.

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