5 thoughts on “What color pet dog deer dogs look good”

  1. The color of the Scottish deer hunting dog is related to personal preferences, but dark blue gray must be the first choice. The others are gray and spots with different shades. The dark color is usually the first choice. Yellow, sand red, reddish -brown, especially black tone and ears, all of which are all colleagues. White is unanimously opposed, but except that dark dogs appear white on their chests and toes, they are allowed. But not ideal, because the deer hunting dog is a unified color dog. The head has white tendons or white cubes. Although the best is not white, some of the best varieties will also appear slightly white tip at the tip of the tail.

  2. This dog is native to Germany and has its style in many modern paintings. It has now popularized European and American countries. The body shape is petite, the hair is short, the light is dark, the color is dark brown and yellow -brown (there should not be so many colors that should be said on the first floor). brown. The height is 25 ~ 30 cm, and weighs 3 ~ 5 kg. The head covers the garden, the kiss is slender, the ear is large, the ears are erect, the eyes are oval, and the color is bright. The forelimb is upright, and the hind limbs are strong. High tails, ends upright, often break the tail. The dog is lively and agile. It is currently widely used as a reward. Later, in China, the Gonglu dog will break the tail with a thread when it is born to make it more like a deer. But the bitch will not be like this. (It seems that deer dogs are also heavy men and women ~) Moreover, this dog should not be too fat when it is raised. This kind of dog is thin.
    The deer dog is talented and active, and is full of enthusiasm for humans, but self -esteem is quite strong, avoiding the overly strict tone to blame it. Although it does not bark, it is still very high.

  3. My baby is smarter. On the 2nd day when he brought home, he painted himself to WC, and he would not eat what others gave. I gave it to it. It was so cute, but unfortunately. Sad, can't say it.

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