2 thoughts on “Why do two familiar dogs suddenly fight?”

  1. First, the reasons for dog fights
    1. Fighting on the site
    The dogs are pets that can occupy the site. Even dogs growing up together from childhood will divide their own sites.
    If this place occupied by himself is "aggressive" by another dog, in order to snatch his own site, it may occur.
    2, confirmation of the level status
    The concept of grade between dogs, which are inherent. If a dog was raised at home, and then another dog joined, they would use fighting to confirm their status.
    This party to lead the leadership, and the other party must obey.
    3, in estrus
    Dogs with estrus, their personality will change, and may become more irritable, especially for male dogs.
    If the dogs during the estrus, many male dogs are fighting, and they are bite to fight for rights and fight.
    4, jealous
    Most dogs have a strong possession of the owner. If you find that your owner touchs other dogs, or other dogs are close to their owner, the dog will When you feel jealous, some dogs will attack another dog because of jealousy.
    . What should I do if dogs fight?
    If the dog fight, the owner must first distinguish whether the dog is playing or fighting.
    If it is to play, you don't need to be too nervous; if the dog is really fighting, you can first judge the fight under the case, find the reason for the reason, and pull the dog's traction rope to separate the two dogs.
    If it does not work, you can use water to pour the dogs that are fighting, which is a relatively simple and direct method. rn小编有话说:rn1、如果是家里同时养了两只狗的话,主人一定要做到平等对待哦,让狗狗知道主人不存在更喜欢那个,都是一样的, Usually let them learn how to live in harmony between them.
    Muctoring can also give dogs appropriately to reward small snacks and play with dogs. Snacks recommend "non -greasy chicken jerky". It uses fresh chicken breasts to dry at low temperature, retains the flavor and nutrition of the meat, and has a certain hardness. It can be used for dogs. It is usually used as molar cleaning. Training rewards are a better choice. Intersection

  2. People still have contradictions, so it is normal for dogs to fight. The two dogs live together. It is possible to quarrel because they snatch food or snatch the site.

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