4 thoughts on “Why can't people carry pets with equal legal rights with others? Including health rights”

  1. Because power and obligations correspond to.

    The power of equality with humans means an obligation to equality with others.

    The pets cannot maintain the unity of the country and the unity of various ethnic groups; observe the constitution and law, keep state secrets, love public property, abide by labor discipline, abide by public order, abide by social morality; maintain the security of the country; maintain the security of the country; maintain the security of the country; maintain the security of the country; to maintain the security of the country , Honor and interests; defend the motherland, serve military service in accordance with the law and participate in militia organizations; tax in accordance with the law

    , then it is no problem to not give him corresponding power.

  2. impossible. Most of the protection methods are obtained, and people cannot kill them at will. Although the earth is common to humans and animals. But society belongs to humans. Most of the wealth and value of society are created by humans. Therefore, in human society, animals cannot be equal to humans. If you are really equal, you will not be called pets.

  3. The rights enjoyed by people are human rights, and the grant of human rights is given by a country developed by a social organization composed of multiple people. In the case of, pets are not a single subject. He is an object.

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