Where is the cat and dog market in Zhengzhou?

Are there any Zhengzhou? Who knows where the cat and dog market in Zhengzhou is?

5 thoughts on “Where is the cat and dog market in Zhengzhou?”

  1. 1. There are many varieties on the Chenzhai Flower Market. You can take the 4th road to
    2. Beizhakou, just on the Health University, take the bus to Jingguang Road Station of Zhongyuan Road, go north to Guangbei Road, Shunjing Road, and go north to the north. Seeing the river along to the east, there are small groceries on Saturday and Sunday, the water is not leaked
    but buying a dog can not buy it. You can observe it for more than three days, otherwise it is easy to be fooled. My friend bought it in Chenzhai in the summer vacation and bought the sick Husky, but at that time, it was lively and lived for a day. After three days, he died. Intersection

  2. Chenzhai Flower Market sells more dogs. If you buy a cat, you can go to the pet shop near the community to see the living body directly. The kitten and puppies bought back can also be sent to school for training. Now there are dog training in Zhengzhou and cat training. You can see detailed information in the city of May Eight

  3. Nowadays, they are generally in the Chenzhai Flower Market, and you can reach 83 or 41 ..
    The originally north gate .. Now it is not clear .. But there are pet hospitals there ..
    The hospital also sells cats and dogs

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