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  1. The lack of security of a cat is recommended to sleep comfortably and warm; if the cat is called because of her estrus, it can take a cat to perform sterilization surgery; go out during the day, and consume more energy during the day; prepare a comfortable nest, a small nest, Be comfortable and warm; properly reprimand cats, some cats may not be obedient. How to make cats do not call cats lack a sense of security. It is recommended that the sleeping environment prepared for the cat should be comfortable and warm. The owner strokes the cat to comfort the cat. If the cat is called because of her estrus, it can take a cat for sterilization surgery. When the cat estrus, you can take some measures to comfort the cat's emotions. You can touch his body with your hands and touch it from the top of its hair to the tail. Essence The owner can play your favorite toys, use a teasing cat stick or wool ball to tease the cat, and transfer the cat's attention to temporarily relieve estrus.

    In during the day, take cats out for activities. Do not let it cry at home. If you sleep too much during the day, the cat will be particularly active at night, so you will yell, so you want To let it sleep at night, it should consume more energy during the day, so that it will be tired at night and sleep peacefully.
    This to sleep also requires his own nest, so when preparing a small nest for the cat, you must be more comfortable and warm. It really wants a cat to fall in love with your sleep. Do not let the cat sleep in some humidity. In the dark place, or it feels particularly uncomfortable, the cat will yell at night, not willing to sleep safely.
    The cats may not be obedient. At night, I also like to play and make trouble with the owner or like to walk around at night. It makes cats understand that it is incorrect to come out at night or screams, and it is not to ignore the cat, so that the cat will return to the nest safely without coming out of noise.

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