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  1. Pet cats consignment requires animal quarantine certificates, transportation equipment disinfection certificates, and animal quarantine certificates.

    The pet consignment should pay attention to the following aspects.

    1. Before buying a ticket, you must explain to the airline that there are small animals to consign. Only after the airline's affirmation reply can you buy tickets.

    2. At least one week in advance, carry pets, and apply for quarantine certificates for qualified pet hospitals or animal quarantine institutes. Inject vaccines and obtain the "animal health immune certificate".

    3. Buy pet air boxes that meet the prescribed requirements to ensure the safety and comfort of pets, and do not cause their feces to associate.

    4. 1-2 days in advance, holding "animal health quarantine certificates", pet air boxes, and pets, to the animal health supervision center (animal quarantine station), obtain animal entry and exit quarantine cards, animal packaging, animal packaging Equipment disinfection certificate. The validity period of the above two certificates is only 5 days, so it cannot be handled too long in advance.

    5. On the day of travel, put pets into pet air boxes, carry animal quarantine cards, animal packaging appliances disinfection certificates, pets and ID cards, at least 3 hours in advance to the airport, to related airlines, to related airlines , Check in pets.

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