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  1. We must adopt a regular way, and don't let the black -hearted merchants use our love and responsibility to create profits.

    We we can often see a lot of pet markets with a large cage with four large characters "free adoption", which there are one or twenty little milk dogs and little milk cats all year round, spring and summer Autumn and winter never interrupted.

    Especially in autumn and winter, the small animals inside were frozen and trembling, which was really distressing.

    The people who visit the pet market mostly will stop and watch for a while. Some people move the hidden heart. Some people think it is free anyway. Essence

    1. Where do they come from "free adoption"?

    The free cats and puppies that are adopted for free are "Chinese garden". Black -hearted merchants do not consider the physical condition of adult cats and dogs, and frequently mate with them. Is it a close relative breeding?

    The ones will be kept as good as possible.

    The risk of "free adoption" and the income of the black heart store

    The risk of adopters is the interest point of the black heart merchant.

    . One of my friends adopted a puppy in our local market. When I first adopted it, I bought the food, snacks, toys, and daily necessities of the dogs at the owner's house. , Less 300 yuan to the owner.

    Then the store told her that she needed to give the dog a seedlings, one hundred stitches, a needle at the scene, and handed over 100.

    In the next day when she took the dog home, she found that the dog did not like to eat, blood in the stool, and had no spirit. Hurriedly called the store to ask, the store was confident that this was a normal reaction to changing the environment. If you are worried, you can go to a pet hospital for checking and mention his name discount.

    . My friend was more worried, so he took the dog to the pet hospital. It took four or five hundred light inspection and 1500 days.

    The finally my friend cried and said to me: I can't help it, I put the dog at the door of the store again.

    I thank the volunteers who adopt a good family adoption for wandering animals, and they are extremely spurned those who are cruelly treating these lives in order to earn these lives. I hope you will not consume good people.

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