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  1. How much is the cat vaccine? Cats are like people, and they will get sick without paying attention to. In order to enhance the cat's immunity and increase the cat's life, the cat owner should remember to take the kitten to the hospital for the vaccine and remember to find a regular pet hospital. How much does a cat take for vaccine? In order to prevent the pits of unconventional pet hospitals, let's take a look at how the cat vaccine is.
    Cat injection vaccine
    The vaccination for cats can be used to go to pet hospital. Generally injects 3 times in stages, 50 ~ 60 yuan per needle (time). Under normal circumstances, vaccines with more than two middle schools should be injected. One is to protect animals from infectious diseases (such as: Dogs' Sixli seedlings, cats of cats, rabbit plague seedlings, etc.), and the other is rabies vaccines that protect people from rabies due to animal bite, etc. The first time the vaccine is injected twice or three times according to the age. In the future, we should strengthen immunity to the animal injection of animals every year. The earliest vaccine can be weaned for two weeks after young animals. Vaccine is biological products, and improper preservation can cause vaccine failure. Therefore, it should be immune to animals in animal hospitals with reputation and security. When cats and dogs are born, they start to suck breast milk. The first three days of the first three days of milk is rich in a large amount of migrants, which is enough to protect it by six to eight weeks. When the amount of antibodies on the little guy is the lowest, it should prevent injection in time. Slowly wakes up its immune system.
    Pladed after the cat injection
    In injection, the immune period is valid for one year, and immunization should be once a year. Domestic cat plague vaccines only protect cat plague. After the injection, the immune period is valid for one year, and it should be immune once a year. If you want to add a rabies vaccine, cats over three months can be immune. After the injection, the immune period is valid for one year, and it should be immune once a year. Cat triple vaccine is an imported cat plague vaccine. It is a universal product internationally, preventing cat plague, cat cup -like virus infection and infectious nasal gas tubeitis.
    Cat immunization method
    2 cats with more than 2 months of immune (muscle injection) twice, 2 to 3 weeks; afterwards, immune injections once a year. This vaccine currently reflects the effect. Rabies vaccine has two domestic and imported products, which are used to prevent the occurrence of rabies. Cats of more than 3 months can be immuniced. The protection period is 1 year and should be vaccinated once a year. From a clinical point of view, imports and domestic rabies vaccine are better. Cat plague vaccine domestic cat plague vaccine is a scientific research product, which has a certain protection rate for cat plague. It is an extent cell vaccine. Kittens for 3 to April can be vaccinated. The first vaccination should be injected twice in muscle injection. Each question is 4 weeks; The period is one year; it will be injected once a year in the future. Only healthy cats can be vaccinated.

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