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  1. What are the fun mobile games of 3 -year -old children's games
    What are the fun mobile games in the 3 -year -old children's game? When children grow up slowly, many parents will have some difficulties in choosing a game for their babies. This, especially when the child is three years old, shares the following fun mobile games for 3 -year -old children's games.
    What are the fun mobile games of 3 -year -old children's game 1 1. "Tom Cat Parkour"
    Tom cats are more familiar with the anime image of Tom Cat, and they are also loved by many babies. In this game, players have to play Tom Cat to challenge through the flight level, chase the thief and get their own props. In the process of parkour, there are not only many obstacles, but also some gain props, which have improved the baby's reactive effect.

    2. "Bear Talking Bears"
    This is an interactive game. Although there are only Bear Er in the game, it is In the way of sliding, Xiong Er's response is very different. In addition to interactive operations, the baby can also conduct some basic communication with Xiong Er to improve the child's communication ability.

    3. "Baby Going to work"
    The baby watching this parents go to work every day. So in this game, the baby can play a role of work, and take the subway inside, and some workplace dressing and gameplay. There are many career choices in the game, which can be switched according to the baby's preference.

    4. "Traveling in China"
    This is a game of driving travel theme. In the game, you can drive a large truck to China. The operation of driving is relatively simple, even if it is a baby, it can be easily mastered. The game can help the baby better understand the motherland and help the baby find your favorite attractions.

    5. "Mom gave birth to a baby"
    This is a game of simulation care type. The background is to add new members at home. When Dad is at work, the baby is going to take care of the mother. Whether the mother needs to help get things or some food, they can survive some operations to help the mother achieve. The game can make the baby experience the difficulty of the mother and make the baby more sensible.

    6. "Baby Learning Home"
    This game is mainly puzzle. In the game, babies can learn knowledge by clicking different colleges. These knowledge scope is also wide, which is very helpful for the baby's intellectual development. If the baby wants to perform some exploration gameplay, this game can also fully meet the needs.

    7. "Baby understands politeness-baby bus"
    This game is mainly the benefits of helping good babies to understand. There are many scene settings in the game. Different polite words are used in different scenarios, which is very helpful for the cultivation of good habits. In addition, there are some settings of random events, which can help the baby well to deepen the impression of polite knowledge.

    8. "Baby Play Finding the End"
    This is a different game, there are many children's scenes in the game. In the two similar scenes, these differences are also hidden. The baby wants to click on the corresponding area to find the difference. As the levels increase, the difficulty will increase. The game can improve the baby's observation ability, which is also very helpful for future learning.

    9. "Baby Love Kitchen"
    The people believed that they had experienced every family when they were young, and now they can get a good experience in the game. In this game, the baby can freely use his imagination and make various dishes. Although sometimes it fails, it also tells the baby that it is not easy to complete one thing.

    10. "Baby's Family"
    This This game is very good in the setting of the scene. You can interact with your baby in various scenarios. The game is mainly to enhance the baby's cognitive ability. With the replacement of the scene, the baby's knowledge will also be improved. The game is suitable for parents to play with babies and can experience it.

    Is what are the fun mobile games of children's games in 3 years of age 2 1. "Ball Battle"
    "Ball Battle" is a leisure, puzzle, and battle. Mobile online games, everyone is turned into a unique ball, eating big balls to eat small balls, trying to survive. The character image, the background of the picture, BGM, etc. in the game are very naive and cute, full of childishness, and it is easy to get started and interesting. It is rarely suitable for young children in many online mobile games.
    But parents need to note that there are also many adults in the game, which may encounter uncivilized phenomena. In addition, please prevent children from recharging to buy virtual items in the game without allowing them.
    2. "My World" (mobile game version)
    If for children to play mobile games, be sure to recommend "Minecraft" to them. Because this is a very educational, fun game, has high degree of freedom, rich content can fully develop children's thinking, cultivate their creation and imagination ability.
    Olympic champion Tian Liang once said that her daughter Sen Die likes this game very much and supports her very much, but do not let the children overly indulge in the game and pay attention to cultivating other hobbies.
    3. "Angry Bird"
    "Angry Bird" is a casual puzzle game developed by Rovio. The characters in the game are divided into two camps: bird and fat pig. Players The camp is the small bird camp, and the player cannot switch the camp. In the game, players need to defeat all fat pigs in order to win. This may make the first mobile game that has achieved the real mainstream and successful mobile game. There are a large number of players who can get fun at any age.
    but it is more suitable for children. The Q version of Mengmeng's style is full of challenging levels. I believe that no children will dislike them.

    4. "Monument Valley"
    The birth of the game "Monument Valley" allows us to see that the game is also the possibility of art. Production, officially released in 2014. In the game, players help the Silent Princess Aida out of the monument by exploring the hidden path, discovering the illusion of vision, and defeating the mysterious crowman to guide Aida to the end.
    The game style is beautiful, artistic, and easy to get started. However, as the level goes out, the difficulty will be greater, which will test the wisdom and patience of children. It is a high -quality mobile game that children cannot miss.
    5. "Crocodile Little Naughty Bathing Bath"
    "Crocodile Little Naughty Love Bath" is a puzzle game based on physical principles. , Finally, Introduced the bathtub of the crocodile "small naughty" (SWAMPY), let him take a clean bath
    Success must start your own brains and learn to use some simple and common physical knowledge. As a conscience game produced by Disney, it can fully mobilize the initiative of children to learn physical knowledge and develop intelligence. It can be said that it is both interesting and meaningful!
    6. "Cut The Rope" is a puzzle game developed by Zeptolab. The game uses a classic 2D interface. The cute OM NOM receives children from children. favorite. The game screen is gorgeous, shining stars, and realistic soap bubbles. The game selection interface is used to replace the chapter with boxes. The entire game uses contact control methods, which is relatively simple to operate.
    Players need to cut the rope to send the candy to the OM NOM mouth, collect golden stars, find hidden paintings and unlock the new level. Each theme has 25 design clever levels, which can be playable.
    7. "Defending Radish 3"
    "Defense Radish 3" attracted many players with its cartoon casual light to the game style. This game is simple, highly playable, easy and puzzled It is a good child supply game. The characters in the game are divided into two camps: radish and monsters. Players must constantly find ways to set up turrets to move forward monsters until they defeat all monsters to win.
    "Defending Radish 3" retains the original characteristics of this series, and has made efforts from the image and picture quality, which strengthens its characteristics of Q cute. Compared with pushing the tower to play monsters, the game is more heavier.
    8. "Fruit Ninja"
    "FRUIT NINJA" is a casual puzzle game developed by Australian company HalfBrick Studios. The operation of the game is extremely simple. Seeing fruits, players see the throwing fruits to see that they move on the screen with their fingers, and they can cut the fruit like a ninja warrior.
    The should be cut off quickly before they fall. Exercise children's reactions, and can vent their vigorous energy appropriately, is a mobile game that is very suitable for children.
    9. "Doodle JUMP"
    Doodle jump is a very cute and pleasing game. In the game Be careful of broken platforms, mobile blue platforms, black holes, unknown flights and bad guys during jumping, and there are rockets and bamboo dragonflies on the way.
    This is a interesting skill game, which tests the reaction ability of children. The characters and backgrounds in the game are very innocent. They are loved by children. Essence
    10. "Everyday Love Elimination"
    "Everyday Love Elimination", as a mobile game that is suitable for all ages, also cater to the taste of children. In the game, the super cute pet is the protagonist of the game. When the player moves or eliminates images, and even touchs them lightly, the small animals will make various expressions; after eliminating a boss above the game, they will get Corresponding rewards or props.
    The game adopts a lively and lovely style. The overall picture is full of joyful atmosphere. The quality of the picture is also more delicate and exquisite. The effect is more inclined to the display method of cartoon type. Essence
    What are the fun mobile games of 3 -year -old children's game 3 1. "Draw Girl"
    A simple drawing game, this game can exercise the baby's painting ability well. If you are not good at drawing, you can also choose some of the games to perform color operation. There are still a lot of color choices, and the experience is good.

    2. "Children's Transportation Puzzle"
    This game game is a setting of puzzle type, and each means of transportation in the game. What the baby has to do is to restore these tools for puzzles. It is very difficult in terms of difficulty, because there are not many pieces.

    3. "Children's Fighting Music"
    The game is also a setting of the puzzle. There are many types in the picture, including fruits, scenery, anime, etc. Choose your preferences. The difficulty of the game is moderate, and the process of the puzzle is not very long.
    4. "Children's Scholarship Color"
    This game can help babies to learn simple colors and shapes, which is helpful for the baby's learning enlightenment. The gameplay of the game is a type of level, and you can get knowledge after learning in different levels.
    5. "Baby Puzzle Early Teaching Numbers"
    This early teaching game is a setting of learning, mainly learning the number. The learning process of numbers is relatively long. At the beginning, it will teach some simple ones, and the difficulty will gradually increase.
    6. "Children's Animals Personal Early Education"
    This game is mainly a puzzle gameplay. There are many animals in the zoo. Babies can choose their favorite animals to generate pictures, and then a puzzle operation for fragments. The gameplay is still very puzzled and can be experienced.

    7. "Baby Cut Watermelon"
    A simple cut watermelon game. In the gameplay, the baby needs to choose different tools to cut watermelon to challenge the gameplay. There are multiple options in the game mode. There are certain differences in different game modes in terms of difficulty, and it is necessary to choose reasonably.
    8. "Children's Transportation Color Painting"
    This This game is a simple color game, which is still helpful for the baby's color learning. There are still a large number of transportation in the game, and there are many options for the area of ​​coloring, and the experience is still good.

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