5 thoughts on “Are the boys who use cats as heads?”

  1. Is the male boy a cat?

    still don't talk nonsense. However, carefully analyzing the cat's behavior, the cat is very similar to scumbag!

    This cats eat you, drink you, live in you, sleep your bed, spend your money, and also ignore you ... but you just love it Madness.

    The specific to decompose the cat's scumbag behavior:

    1. If it looks good, it is wayward

    Skin, furry, and big eyes, the ears are so cute, don't want to do not want it. Do n’t do it, it ’s immersed in its beauty at first glance.

    has many types of cats. What if you meet an ugly cat? You can tell you that each shoveling officer is confident in the value of his own cat, and he feels that his cat's cat is the best and best in the world.

    2, subtle care

    It to buy ice cushion in summer, buy a cat's nest in winter, I'm afraid it will be hot enough, and wash the dishes every day. , Wipe your face and so on. There are all photos in the mobile phone, the avatars and backgrounds are all. Cats should be carefully wished on the street, worrying that it is jealous at home.

    3, the cold and hot

    The cat will be coquettish when the cat is happy, and also asks you to hug height. Sometimes it ’s too cold. I’ m ignorant about you, and I ca n’t catch it. Even if I catch it, I immediately run away.

    . Even if it ignores you, you still love it to live and live.

    4, when you are frustrated, it came to coquettish

    When you put your face up, you want to take a sip, and then be beaten up When you are sad, you are ready to fight with it for two days.

    Is when you are discouraged, it suddenly comes to your feet, come to you, and use its innocent eyes to look at you, just like it is nothing bad. Dry the same.

  2. What is a scumbag? The scum man refers to the man who tramples on two ships ... or a man who plays feelings. Is it a scumbag with a cat's avatar? What kind of logic are you ... what kind of avatar is you choice and freedom for everyone. If a person can see a person from a scum, the person's observation ability and thinking are not needed ...

  3. See what kind of person he is, and this is a bit bigger. In fact, a man is "unreliable" and you can see his WeChat avatar.
    1. Animals
    In general, women like to set their WeChat avatars to small animals they like. When they see those small animals, they feel that their hearts are going to be melted and very caring. The same is true of men, and usually sets their favorite animals into avatars, such as cats, puppies, deer, and so on. If your favorite boy's WeChat avatar is also an animal, then you can basically judge his personality. Simple, very loving, like to think about others.
    The people who like small animals must be particularly patient. Animals eat and drink Lazar every day like humans, and someone needs to take care of it. So when you get married in the future, such a man will definitely take care of your family and will take care of you well.
    Priminal keywords: kindness, simplicity, love, patience, Gu Jia

    2. Every flower and trees are full of spirituality, making people very quiet inside. If a boy's WeChat avatar is flowers and trees, it means that he is a person who loves life very much, likes to serve flowers and plants, and is willing to enjoy the influence of these things in his spare time. At the same time, they are also a person with high elegance. They know what they want and know when they should do.
    of course, it also exposes some personality defects, such as relatively high, as if it is unwilling to combine with the world, which makes it difficult to accept.
    Priminal keywords: love life, interest, opinion, clear high

    3. It is believed that they can carry all difficulties, and the facts are the case. Many men set their own WeChat avatars as mountains and rivers, in fact, they hope that they can be pregnant, generous, and carelessly, and have been pursuing their ideals. Such men are generally ambitious, dare to work hard, and have advanced minds, and they will never bow their heads to reality. Is a very reliable man.
    Priminal keywords: Great degree

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