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  1. 1. Life habits, because dogs evolved from the wolf in groups, and they are also very keen on social networking.
    Sometimes even the interaction with human beings is greater than the same kind, so dogs that have good socialization can be very enthusiastic about anyone and friendly to humans. In contrast, cats look more independent, they are more sensitive and more vigilant, and also maintain the curiosity of infinite exploration of the world, coupled with a high degree of self -care, so that they have freedom of movement, so it is not sticky, so it is not sticky People are also normal.
    2, personality: Maybe many people have heard such a sentence, dogs are loyal ministers, cats are traitors. Although this is the stereotype of many people, it also shows that most dogs are relatively relatives, and most of the cats meet, and no one is very comfortable.
    Because the dog comes from the wolf, the group is written in their DNA, and they need to help humans hunt. This requires a tacit and compatible degree of obedience. Over time, the current dog character is formed.
    The cats have always existed like the heroes, and high cold is their nature. In addition, cats' work never needs to be involved in human beings, even if many cats no longer need to catch rats, they are accustomed to.
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  2. The short -tailed cat (details introduction)
    The people will ask whether it is good or dogs, in fact, each has its own benefits. Cats are quiet and elegant, and dogs are lively and cheerful. When choosing, everyone can comprehensively consider their living habits, family conditions, and personality. Which animals of cats and dogs are more suitable for themselves. In fact, both cats and dogs will bring a lot of joy to our family.
    of course, pet cats and pet dogs also have essential differences. Their body shape, personality, and their living habits are very different. To raise pet cats and pet dogs, parents should first understand the relevant pet breeding knowledge, and then choose pets that are suitable for their breeding according to their hobbies, living environment, time and energy, and economic conditions.
    The pet cat's personality is more comfortable. They do not like noise, and more often stay in the cat's nest to keep their eyes closed. They are docile and like to sleep, and they can also get along with their families in harmony. Cats are the most hygienic in the animals at home. You can see that cats have to wash their faces with their claws every day. Cats' love for cleaning is an important reason why people are willing to raise cats. For pet dogs, its personality is more lively. Huanyu's personality makes it happy every day, and it will communicate and interact with the owner more. They are naughty at home, toys, etc., and dogs are very smart animals. After the scientific training of parents, it can also learn other skills. For example, accompanying, sitting down, handshake, standing, picking up flying, and so on.

  3. People say that cats and dogs are two kinds of pets that are completely opposite. They have different habits, different personalities, and different attitudes towards the owner. Although cats and dogs are the most common pets in the family, they are two completely different feelings. If cats and dogs are raised at the same time, they should feel that there are great differences between the two. According to the summary of the shovel officers, there are obvious differences in the following points.
    1. Dogs like to interact with the owner. Cats like to stay quietly
    The biggest difference between cats and dogs is the attitude towards the owner. Dogs like to play with the owner and treat them together. Touch them, always pay attention to the master's every move. The cats prefer to treat them according to their own ideas, sleep during the day, and inspect the territory at night. They do not like humans too enthusiastic, so most of the time they are very quiet, and they can't feel the existence of the cat.
    2, dogs need to go out, cats like to be at home
    The dogs need to go out every day to ensure sufficient exercise, otherwise they will be demolished, especially large dogs. So people who raise dogs not only walk the dog every day, but also exercise themselves by the way. The cat is much simpler, and it doesn't matter if you don't go out for a lifetime, save a lot of things to the shoveling officer.
    3, the problem of going to the toilet
    Maton people love to clean, and they will use cat litter without teaching themselves, and they will hardly go to the toilet in other places. The dogs basically need to be brought out of the toilet every day. If they are not trained or they are not taken out in time, the dog may go to the toilet at home. In this regard, the dog is more worrying.

  4. Pets depends on what pets you like are suitable for pets. There is no more than one to say. For example, I prefer dogs, you can see the house, you will shake your tail to you. Dogs are more lively than cats and can be more pleasant.

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