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  1. To choose a cat food brand, you should decide according to your pet taste.
    It because the cats are deserted in the desert area where water lacks, their body structure is the need for most of the water from food. The water content they caught (such as mice, birds, etc.) is usually not less than 60%.
    It because of the desert, their thirst function is not as sensitive as dogs and humans, which explains why most cats do not like to drink water. It should be noted that the water content of dry food is only 6%to 10%. Although cats who use dry food as a staple food have been drinking more water than cats who eat wet food, in contrast A few cats eat wet grains.
    This cats that have been eating cat food for a long time have long been in a state of chronic water dehydration, reducing the urination volume, and the urine is excessively concentrated, so that the urinary system is prone to the urinary system in the future. Therefore, for the health of cats, do not use dry food as their main staple food. High -quality wet food (self -made or canned wet food) is the main food food closest to the ideal diet of cats.
    It the answer to help you, other questions want to consult the pet doctor, click the avatar below, and conduct free 1 to 1 consultation.

  2. The Royal and Lu Hua Ling Cai is good, but it is too expensive. I have the following analysis on cat food on the market. The landlord can choose the most suitable for cats according to his own financial ability, but I think cat food is like us. If you want a cat to grow well, it is best to make some cat rice from time to time, just like I make some cheese chicken shreds for them every week. Cats love and fresh.

    relatively low -grade cat food: Weijia, joy, personally do not recommend these two, because it contains inducers, cats are not interested in other foods, and these two cat foods also also have these two kinds of cat foods. It is relatively salty, and it will also increase the chance of cats with kidney disease. If you ca n’t buy it locally, the preferred two of them are the first choice. The colorful cat food pigments are too much, and it is not safe at all.

    Costatic cat food: Miaodule of Nestlé, aristocratic cat food, these two cat food adds the nutritional content of cats and cats. A kind of oil -based oil, long -term eating can make the hair color brighter, and many cat houses are also using this instead of royal cat food.

    Muer cat food: McDonal's Emperor is a delicious and healthy cat made of cats who love you, and are very tempting. Especially for the development of the three common problems such as cat food preservation, cat skin nourishment, and food health, it will definitely allow cats to enjoy your love. (Recommended hard)

    The high -end cat food: Royal cat food, Ling Cai, Royal cat food light is more than ten types. His cat food classifications are very fine, and there are different cats of cats. Different cat food is made in cat food more professional, but it is also the most expensive.

    Cat food is purchased online, such as Yiyi Pets wholesale, Macin pet food experts are much cheaper than the supermarket.

  3. What brand of cat food is good and cheap? Don't miss the cat -raising shovel officer
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