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  1. Cat food
    , Miaoxian bag
    The following introduces several cats to you:
    chicken bibimbap
    (key recommendation)
    n chicken breasts
    white rice
    , canned cats (any taste, mainly depends on which taste of the cat likes to eat)
    Treatment: The reason why chicken breasts are selected is because chicken breasts have no bones, which are easier to deal with more chicken legs and chicken wings. If you are frozen chicken, soak it in cold water in advance
    to freeze
    . Cut into a long strip with fingers after freezing.
    2. Put the chicken in the cold water and boil, and then change the heat. Piece some small eyes on the meat with a fork. Cook fifteen to
    twenty minutes
    , remove after the chicken is cooked. No need to put any seasonings.
    3. Cut the chicken into a small dicedin with a half centimeter and mix it into the rice. The proportion of rice and chicken is mixed with two parts of rice. (Note that you must mix well, so that each rice is meaty; otherwise the cats who pick your mouth will eat the meat and leave the rice).
    4, then mix some canned cats, and you need to mix well. There is no need for canned cats.
    Stique: The meat bibimbap must be heated before feeding. If the rice is taken out of the refrigerator, it is best to heat it with a microwave oven after mixing chicken and canned cats. On the one hand, it is guaranteed to eat warm food, and on the other hand, it can make the cat's canned taste stronger: )
    Fish meat bibimbap
    is not difficult, just replace the chicken bibimbap with chicken with fish meat. Note that you must pick out the fish bones, especially when you feed the kitten
    The chicken liver
    Chicken rice
    changes the chicken with chicken liver. Although
    Cat love
    This eating chicken liver, some cats eat chicken liver love
    , so do not focus on recommending cat dishes with this flavor. Special talk about the treatment of chicken liver:
    1. Remove the white part of the fresh chicken liver;
    2, soak the chicken liver with water for an hour, soak the blood in the chicken liver, and then wash the chicken liver with water ;
    3, separate the chicken liver, cook in cold water, use a spoon to skim the surface of the surface, use a fork to put a few holes on the chicken liver, and then change the low heat to cook for 20 minutes. By half an hour, be sure to cook until it is cooked.
    4. Cut the cooked chicken liver into small diced and rice and canned cats together. Be sure to mix!
    Okay, the secret technique leaked here first!
    In order to protect the cats of cats
    , this soft food cannot be long for a long time
    The cats
    , please remember.
    It the best food of cats is homemade
    cat rice
    , half is professional cat food, which is very beneficial to the health of cats, because many foods made of nutrients in cat food are self -made foods. It is impossible to configure, and my cat is fed like this.
    Is your cats healthy and lively! Intersection

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