4 thoughts on “What if I raise a cute pet kitten to bite me?”

  1. Whether it is a kitten who just brought home or a cat that has been raised for a while, it will habitually bite the owner's hand or the owner's ankle position, although they will not bite hard. , But the pain will still make the pet owner uncomfortable for a while, so some people will say whether the cat is too cold to recognize the owner.
    . What to do if you are bitten by a kitten

    A as a novice cat slave, the pet owner is always bitten by his own cat, but there is no way to solve it. Essence It becomes more and more serious. To solve the condition of cat bite, we must start with their living habits.
    1. The place where cats like to attack are the ankles of pet owners. Because the pet owner keeps walking around, cats will be attracted by such moving things, and some kittens will "hold their thighs." This is their nature. Because cats are hunting animals, it is not easy to catch mice to catch mice. They will stare at the moving things, then attack and catch them.

    2. If the pet owner does not often play with the cat, the cat can only play by himself. If the cat's willpower needs to be transferred from the pet owner, it is best to prepare some hair balls or other toys at home to play with them, or transform their small houses, build more small stairs, let them play by themselves, consume physical strength, and consume physical strength. Can successfully transfer attention.

    3. When playing with cats and playing with cats, put your fingers on the cat's head or paw, it will quickly bite people, but if the pet owner is young, You can try to put your fingers on the cat's mouth frequently and let it bite. Do not respond too much, hold your hand away, which will only make the cat more difficult to bite. When a cat finds what it bits is not fun, it will naturally let go. If you exercise like this, cats will not take the initiative to bite. It no longer works.

    . In addition, if you want to solve the problem of being bitten by the cat, you still need the patience teaching of the pet owner. The most important thing is to develop good living habits. Don't scold it ~

  2. Pet kitten bites that it does not know that it is wrong to bite people. When the kitten bites itself, it should be particularly painful, shouting loudly, letting the kitten know that it is not right.

  3. Then you can pat the cat's head gently, so that this behavior is wrong to tell cats, and it will not be committed again in the future.

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