4 thoughts on “Raising cats and dogs will affect fertility”

  1. This is a certain impact.
    The parasites on animals. For example, the bow -shaped worm on the cat n The expectant mothers are too affectionate with pets, and they will be more or less exposed to these parasitic insects.
    S especially in the early stages of pregnancy ... The parasites on animals will affect the fetus ... serious or even cause miscarriage.
    It is recommended to prepare for pregnancy ... don't raise pets for about half a year at home ...

    In after all, these are not allowed.
    I also care about it. After all, this is a bred life or the meaning of it.

  2. Will raising cats at home cause infertility?

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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello! Cats may cause infertility, and even after pregnancy, they may cause abortion or fetal deformed deformity, but not 100 %. Because the cat's body may have parasites, including bowworms, tapeworms, etc. Therefore, women during pregnancy must avoid contact with cats and other pets. At the same time, if there are small animals such as cats and dogs at home, 5 items must be tested. If a bowworm and tapeworms are really existing, be sure to treat first before choosing pregnancy. There are many reasons for infertility, including rhoda clogging, gynecological inflammation, and follicular abnormalities.

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