4 thoughts on “To raise cats, which plants must not be kept”

  1. 1. Lily
    For cats, lily flowers are very dangerous. Any part of the lily flower is toxic to cats. After eating lilies, even a little bit of danger, vomiting, appetite, love to sleep, mental deficiency, and dilute are the symptoms of poisoning. If poisoning is not treated for more than 18 hours, the mortality rate of acute renal failure will be as high as 100%.
    . The daffodils
    Cats' accidental feeding can cause vomiting, abdominal pain, headache, dilute, fever, drowsiness, weakness, in severe cases, can cause spasm and even paralysis to die!
    three, chrysanthemum
    The chrysanthemum plants contain pyrethrododes, which are poisonous to cats. However, if the cat is accidentally eaten, the symptoms of poisoning may occur, including drooling, vomiting, and dilute.
    . The azalea
    This of the flowers and leaves of azalea is relatively toxic. If the cat is eaten by mistake, the symptoms of vomiting and dilute will occur.
    5. Costume
    If the cat accidentally ate the cashish, it would have stomach discomfort, cramps, and even spitting up and diarrhea.
    . Changchun flowers
    This of Changchun flowers are also toxic to cats. If the cat eats, it will have symptoms of muscle weakness and limb paralysis.
    . The iron tree
    The number of iron trees in the past five years has caused the number of pet poisoning incidents to increase by 200%. The rate is very high. Simi Palm is a kind of Soviet -based plant. It is not a real palm. Its entire plant is toxic, and the seeds are the most toxic.
    . All leaves are plants like taro leaves
    . For example, green dill, dripping water, Guanyin, Wannian, turtle bamboo, sea jade, colorful leaf taro, etc. Death to death. There are also tulips, hydrangea, carnations, iris flowers, etc. These are not suitable for families with cats.
    The daily care of cat gastrointestinal discomfort:
    1. Pay attention to diet: Do not feed foods that should not be digested, ensure drinking water, remember not to feed raw water, do not feed too salty food.
    2. Pay attention to the hygiene and temperature of the cat's living environment.
    3, properly assist some drugs that help digestion, such as dry yeast tablets, yeast tablets because of a faint fragrance, cats will take the initiative to eat. As a result, hearing decreased.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia-Plant that cannot be raised by cats

  2. Lonely flowers (safflower)
    Aloe vera
    Chamm palm/ball
    carnation (most poisonous)
    chrysanthemum (upper and lower diarrhea)
    There is risk of death)
    Ig bells

    The fairy flower

    lily flowers

    n n =-=)

    Green Luo
    Xigu Coconut

    Trans of tomatoes,

    of course, there are many many plants. The best thing is that there are no plants. Except for basic grass, do not ensure the safety of small animals to keep them healthy and healthy.

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