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  1. Cats eat about 15 kg to 2 kg a month. As for the standard of how many cat foods eat, it is necessary to determine according to the individual differences of the cat. Generally, the kitten eats 2 to 3 catties of cat food a month, and the big cat is a month. Eat 5 ~ 6 catties of cat food. Cats eat a few pounds of cat food a month. Cats can eat how much cat food can eat in one month depends on its age and body shape. Generally, kittens eat 2 to 3 catties of cat food a month, and cats eat 5 ~ 6 catties of cats a month. grain. Kittens need to eat less, otherwise it is easy to digest. Cats with larger body shapes will eat more. After sterilization, cats eat less than before, pay attention to controlling weight. If you have a cat meal, you can give some cat food less, and occasionally feed some snacks, cans and the like.

    The kittens on January 20 are soaked 10-15 royal 1-3 months of kitten food, only about 8 pieces at a time, and only about 10 a day a day. At one point, you can also use milk to soak cat food, but you ca n’t just feed milk and you ca n’t digest it. If you feed low -end cat food, it is estimated that it will be given about 5 more a day.

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