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  1. Cat title is a kind of ability, and we often see cats running with their children. For their pet cats, parents can also train it to train it. It is not difficult to spend time training.

    Leopard cats
    First, first bring the cat's exclusive collar during training to facilitate parents to control the cat's actions during training. Parents hold the collar in one hand, holding objects with one hand to let the cat title. Parents' "title" passwords forcibly stuffed the objects into the cat's mouth. Then touching the cat with your hand as encouraging it to do very well. Then send out the "put" password at the same time, remove the objects in the cat's mouth, then touch it and can take out the food as a cat's reward. After repeated training for a period of time, cats will form conditional reflexes, and it knows that as long as the title and spitting movement can get food, it will willingly receive training and complete the action.
    again, after a period of training, cats can master the movement of the title. Next, parents can shake the cats to be shaking in front of the cat, which fully attracts the cat's attention and curiosity, and then throw the objects out of a few meters, and at the same time send out the "title" password to allow the cat to get the objects themselves. In the early stage, the cat may not cooperate, and the owner needs to guide or mandate the cat to rank objects. Then walk to the place, the parents emit a "vomiting" password, but give the cat to highlight the objects, and then touch the stroke and gourmet reward. After training for a while, the cat will master the action of the entire title.
    The training pet cats to develop a certain habit. Parents need to pay more time to train cats. Parents need more patiently to train cats. Such long -term training can give cats proficiently to master a certain way Item action or skills.

  2. Forced, a means of mechanical stimulation and threatening password forced cats to accurately and smoothly complete the action.
    The induction, refers to a means of inducing cats to make actions with delicious food and trainer's movements.
    This rewards refer to the means taken to strengthen the correct movement of the cat or consolidate the preliminary formation of conditional reflection.
    This punishment is to prevent the cat's wrong movements or abnormal behaviors, including reprimand, lightly head and neck, etc.

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