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  1. After the cat grabbed the mouse, unless he was hungry, he would not eat it immediately. Generally, he would find the owner, show the living mouse to the owner, and then play the cat to catch the mouse game. Just rushed up and grabbed, stretched it up, put it back to the original place, and repeated it for a long time, until I was tired to kill the mouse. After killing, the cat is likely to eat the mice. But if the owner does not want cats to eat, there will be plenty of time to take the mouse away. But the mice were taken away, and the cat would be unhappy at the time. Call the owner to send the mouse back. If the owner's cat has not played, the owner is like taking away, and the cat sees that the owner wants to snatch it, and he will eat the mouse.

    If the cat mother has a kitten, usually the living mouse is given to the kitten and teach the kitten to catch the mouse.

    Cat grabbing mice is a foreplay. Generally, mice come out to find food. Unless you find the grain warehouse, there are few mice to move together. But if the cat really sees two mice, there is no problem, the mice basically can't see the cat, the cat's movement is much faster than the mouse, the mouse can be killed, or the mouse cannot run, and then there is sufficient time to go to go Grasp the other. The cat's claws are very powerful, and one or two sons can kill a crow that is much larger than a mouse.

  2. I saw a dog catching mice several times when I was a kid, and I also ate it.
    Is that cats catch mice, many people think that cats are natural enemies of mice. In fact, I think it is a bit different. The cat has an excitable effect, and that material is unique to the cat's eyes, just like cats love fish, everyone knows that cod liver oil is good for the eyes, the same reason! So cats and cats smell this smell, just smell this smell. I want to catch.
    The cats raised now do not catch mice, because the food provided by the owners already has the nutrients they need, especially the cats in the city. As if you didn't see it. But occasionally catching one two to play, why? Because although they have been raised with people, they have been purified, but the natural wildness will occur by chance. Then The desire to predator occasionally meets!
    It cats will not bite it after catching the mouse, but go to other places to play, throw away, play "catch and seek" and other ones It ’s almost impossible or dying, just squatting so quietly and watching it all the time, maybe I think it is still pretending to die. Cats like games with a sense of speed. ", So if the target is still moving when catching a mouse, it will not be distracted to" understand "the other. People who have seen cats and cats have seen it. The tail is very excited.

  3. In theory, cats are born to catch mice, but now many cats can't catch mice. The main reason is that people are used to it. They eat well every day and have nothing to do with the cat's mother. Catching mice does not need to be taught by a cat. My family has raised 5 cats from kittens. Only one of them will not catch mice. If you encounter such a cat, you only need to mess with it and let it move more. Give it more rounds (such as wool balls, etc.) to play, and it will naturally catch it after a long time. That's how I train it to ensure effective!

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