5 thoughts on “Foshan Baiyan Street died for a week and cats. Call for everyone not to buy it. Blood lesson.”

  1. Originally selling cats and dogs is wrong. We buy this behavior to promote this behavior. It is a tool for their cats and dogs to promote their cats and dogs and pose a threat to their health. There are so many stray cats and dogs outside the owners who have no conscience, and they throw it away if they don't want it. There are too many stray cats and dogs outside. I hope that if the landlord wants to raise animals, please go to a regular place to adopt, please help those poor cats and dogs.

  2. Little life is pitiful, and seriously condemn unscrupulous merchants! Seriously protest this kind of unscrupulous behavior!

  3. With Foshan Baiyan Street! I spent 700 kittens buying cat plague on Saturday, and cat ringworm! Unscrupulous traders! Now I was taken to the hospital, I don't know if I can survive. The doctor said that it was too small and the kitten body was too weak!

  4. There are many cats and dogs sold in Baiyan Street, and the hygiene is not good. Cat plague dog plague will be transmitted to similar and contagious periods. Basically, they can't pass a week. Those kittens and puppies are actually pitiful.

  5. ╰ (▽ ▽ ╭) ╭, now people are full of desire! Intersection Intersection
    This neighbors have a elder sister who cannot have children. She and her husband have adopted 11 stray cats. Recently, she also picked up a puppy. This is a good person! Intersection

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