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  1. In studying, work, and even life, everyone is indispensable to contact composition. The composition is composed of text. After consideration of human thoughts, it is used to express a stylistic style through language organization. So have you understood composition? The following is the composition of the kitten elementary school I carefully organized. Welcome everyone to share.
    The composition of kitten elementary school 1 My family has a white kitten. It has many characteristics, like naughty, well -behaved, shy ... you can find it on it.
    The body is white and white, like a white sweater, and there is no flaw on its white body. Its eyes are really like a picture of nature, because it is like a blue sky and the other green like a grass. The small and exquisite mouth is under the wet nose. By the way, there are two ears like rabbits on top of the head, but the two ears are not as long as rabbits, so big. Behind it, a thin and long tail was dragged.
    This is naughty. Often, the grandma's plush balls are full of the ground, and the rice plate and the basin are knocked over to make the bedroom a wolf borrow. In this way, this naughty cat has not stopped, and every day either jumps up and down or hides Tibet.
    Although it is sometimes naughty, it is sometimes gentle. When it uses your body to pinch your feet, as long as you stroke its head gently, it will turn around you to express its love for you.
    In look at how it eats it. It is a slow and small mouth, which is not like a dog, because it is a cat, and the cats who chew slowly when eating.
    It is even more cute when it rests. It lying in a box and fell asleep, but when it hears a little movement, it will open his eyes and openly look around. Will continue to fight.
    Cat is a cute, naughty and shy animal. It is a partner in my life. I often bring me a lot of joy and vitality. I like it very much, how about you?
    The composition of kitten primary school 2 My aunt's house has a cute kitten.
    The kitten is so cute, a round face with a pair of bright eyes, a white and bright fur, a small and exquisite body, and a tail erected.
    The gait is divided into two dozen parts, one is cramped, and the other is slow. When it is playing or someone chasing it, it is cramped. When people do not chase it, its gait is slow. Its gait is really changing.
    When it returned home, I took a laser pen to the ground. It thought it was a ball, so I grabbed the paw. When it was about to get it, I moved the laser pen and it did not get it. In this way, I turned the group it made, and I was so tired in a while. It seemed to be angry, I think it must have thought so, why can't I get it? It walked out of anger. I saw a big dog outside. I was afraid that the big dog would hurt the kitten, so I scared the big dog away with a laser pen and sent the kitten all the way.
    The next day, I am leaving. I watched the kitten a little reluctant. I want to see you again next summer vacation. I love you and my cute kitten.
    The composition of kitten elementary school 3 at noon today, my parents and I went to the grandparents' house for dinner.
    The yellow kitten in Grandpa's house, usually docile, but today did a very abominable thing. What's going on? At noon, Grandma made a plate of fragrant braised catfish in the kitchen. This is my favorite food. She also steamed delicious sweet potatoes in the rice cooker.
    Is when we eat on the table, the kitten cat doesn't know if it is hungry, so call it around the table, as if I am saying, "I'm so hungry, give me a little!" I think it kept calling, "Meow Meow Meow" is really annoying, so he kicked it with his feet. Unexpectedly, I was unstable under my feet. The whole body rushed towards the little yellow cat. It scared back, but my feet stepped on its tail, and it stretched out the sharp claws to grab my legs severely. Silk's blood raised out, and the kitten knew that it was usually escaped.
    The hot pain came, and the parents were scared and changed, and said, "Go to the hospital to get an injection, your child, not to eat well, this damn cat." The hospital, I looked at the wound and said, "This is to be injected! Adults have small animals in the house, and you must pay attention to your children to contact them!"
    I am most afraid of injections. I was so scared that I had to fall in tears, and I regret why I had to make trouble with the kitten. "I don't need to get an injection, don't ......... oh, it hurts!" I came in the hospital that I killed pig -like roar.
    The composition of kitten elementary school 4 Xinhui family has a fat and large cat. It looks very cute, like a tiger, so it is named Tiger. The eyes of the tiger are blue, the beard is long and thin, and there are about eight or nine roots. The length of the beard is almost the same as that of the body. The teacher said its beard was used to measure the width of the mouse hole. The tiger tail tilted upwards, and the tail was swinging.
    The eyes of the tiger and tiger are bright and bright. The eyes of the morning are hazy. The eyes of noon are like a crescent moon. In the evening, the blue eyes are round and large, like two charcoal, if there are mice, if there are mice, It will never let it go from its eyes. Use its housekeeping skills to catch mice, first tease the mouse, and wait for enough to eat the mouse.
    The tiger's nose is small, but the sense of smell is very sensitive. Its mouth and nose are connected together, like X we have worn in English, and the ears of the tiger and tiger are like a small triangle. There was a pad on its paws, and there was no sound when he walked. When a dog chased it, it rushed and jumped to the tree. After the dog leaves, come down again.
    Every time he goes to Xinhui House, it always looks at me with that full of energy. I love tigers more and more.
    The composition of kitten elementary school 5 I raised a kitten at home. The fluffy body is softer than a quilt. Its ears are usually erected, and the ears will hang down when sleeping. During the day, the kitten likes to straighten his body to sleep in the sun, and his spiritual shaking at night, opened his eyes, waiting for the mouse to get out of the hole.
    It has a cute little nose, with a small mouth under the nose, a flexible tongue, gently licking the food into the mouth. It has a thick meat pad on its hands and feet, and it is silent. It also has sharp claws, and once the mouse is caught, it can no longer run away. A thin, long and flexible tail can not only be used to maintain physical balance, but also express its mood. When you are happy, your tail swings left and right; the tail will roll up when you are angry, and the sound of "meow" in his mouth.
    This kitten is very cute, not very picky, but the favorite foods such as fish, mice and other foods. In the past, people raised cats to catch mice and prevent mice from running home to make trouble. People in the city now raise cats as pets, tame and cute, and very flattering.
    The three kittens of Kitten Elementary School 6 were the female cat in Dad's shop a month ago. When they were born, they were only as big as my slap. When I saw them for the second time, I was shocked: they looked really fast! There are already two slaps. I heard that Dad said that they were weaned at full moon and would already walk by themselves. Their pair of dazzling eyes sparkled on the cute little face. Two triangle -like ears are always erected. The beard was tilted and tilted. There are a lot of hairs, and from a distance, it is like black and yellow plush balls. The tail was placed behind the buttocks, and it looked very cute.
    The foods that kittens are most like to eat are "kittens" and sometimes dads eat some small fish for them. When they eat, they look very timid. We want to stand there to watch them eating cat food, but they do n’t eat, and they are hiding. Hey, there is no way, we have to walk away. As soon as we left, they "gobbled".
    . Their sleeping is really naughty: the boss ran under his mother's belly. The second child climbed to his mother's back. The third was lying under the mother's tail. what! What a happy family!
    I named the kittens: the boss called Xiaoxiao, the second child is Coco, the third is called love, and the third is called: Little cute!
    The kittens are really love. Many friends are asking their dad to ask for cats. I really don't want them to leave their mothers, how sad it is!
    The composition of kitten elementary school 7 My family has a cute kitten. Its ears are triangular, like an antenna, and pay attention to the wind of the mouse at any time. The eyes are thin during the day, squinting like a fine seam, and its eyes are rolling at night, like an emerald, and like a night pearl. There are six beards. Every time you eat things, the beard follows. It is fat, looking like a ball from a distance, more like a small meat ball. Its claws are very sharp. As soon as it encounters it, it will catch your hand, so we don't touch it too much. Its tail was long, dragged to the ground, and walked around.
    Once, my mother bought a few fish and put the fish on the kitchen table. At this time, the kitten smelled everywhere and walked to the kitchen. When it saw the fish on the table, his eyes widened and jumped up, and the fish on the table were pushed down. It first licked it with his tongue, then smelled it with his nose, rolled the fish into his tongue, and eaten with interest. At this time, my mother came to the kitchen. When the kitten saw her mother coming, she picked up a small fish and jumped out, ran outside, and cleaned the fish.
    This kitten is greedy and cute, I like my kitten very much.
    The composition of kitten elementary school 8 autumn is when the fruits are fragrant, and it is also the season when the fruit is exhausted, and it is also the opening time of chrysanthemums. How intoxicating the chrysanthemum, how intoxicated the name. You see, there are red, white, powder ... and blue. See, what a fine petal is like a human finger! The wind came, and the chrysanthemums danced, seeing how beautiful they danced. Looking at their flowers, under the blowout of the wind, they swinged one left and right, as if the head of a man, and shook it on the left and right. Looking at their stems and leaves, swinging with the flowers, the leaves stretch so naturally, as relaxed like acting ... I seem to feel like a chrysanthemum, dance in the wind, and the partners next to me jump with me. , The more you jump, the more beautiful ... The wind stops, and we gradually stop the dance, stood there straight, talked with our partners, and waited for the next gust of wind ... Ah! The beautiful chrysanthemum, it adds a lot of vitality to autumn, is also the most beautiful little creature in autumn!
    The composition of kitten elementary school 9 I have a cute little playmate, it is my favorite kitten doll- "Mimi".
    Mimi is exquisite in workmanship, especially those big eyes of the watery spirit are particularly true. A pair of pointed black ears with a round head, fluffy on the body, as white as snow. It's so comfortable. There is a human -shaped mouth under the small nose, but it is hidden in the grass. There are a few white beards on each side of the mouth, which is very angry! Mimi always looks like a stingy, making people feel cute.
    although Mimi was a kitten doll, she gave me a lot of help. once. I was writing, but I was stuck in half, and I couldn't write it, so I was ready not to write. At this time, I saw Mimi's disappointment. The look seemed to be saying: "As the saying goes, you have no difficulty in the world, I'm afraid of someone who is interested." As long as you persevere, use more good words and good sentences, and you are afraid that you can't write a good composition? "So, I re -I, I re -I, I re -I, I re -I, I will re -I. Check it up, and finally finish writing the composition.
    I treat Mimi like my relatives. When I get up every morning, I will "shout" to get up from the small bed I made by me; then sort it out to sort out the "hair" ; Finally, at night, I fell asleep with it again. If I do n’t see Mimi one day, my heart will feel very unsatisfactory.
    although Mimi is not a real kitten, but in my heart, it is always a cute kitten!
    The composition of kitten elementary school 10 There are a few cute kittens in the flower bed downstairs. I often lie in the window and observe them carefully.
    A sunny morning, I opened the window, and the three cute kittens were constantly blinked, as if I had just woke up. A warm sun shot, and the three kittens narrowed their eyes again, shrunk into a small hair ball, rolled around, and laughed at me.
    This is fun to play! A flower cat climbed up a tall tree and turned her eyes with her companions below, as if you were climbing up? "A black and white cat and a white cat began to make trouble. The two of them twisted into a ball, rolled to the east for a while, and rolled to the west for a while. When the cats on the trees ignored them, they were angry, and they jumped into them, fluttered on them, and the two cats were overturned to the ground, and their feet faced with their feet. The cat cat climbed back on the tree proudly and appreciated their embarrassing scene, as if saying, "Oh, I'm awesome!" Essence The cat was frightened from the tree. The cats under the tree couldn't help laughing, as if saying: "A deciduous scared you like this, and said that you are amazing!"
    When I was fascinated, my mother told me to eat early, me I could only leave the window reluctantly, thinking: It is really three lively and naughty kittens!

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