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  1. It is currently a platform such as idle fish and other platforms. There are pet markets on this second -hand trading platform, which can find some institutions that adopt cats on it. Then like some short video platforms, like Douyin, there are some bloggers adopted by cats. You can watch her daily videos and watch comments. See if he is more credible place. It is best not to adopt cats too far.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe platforms that answered free adoption of pets in China include cats live, Apai cares about small animal society development centers, lucky native cats, lazy pets, pets of pets, and pets. 1. Living with cats and cats is a stray cat rescue adoption platform for stray cats across the country. At present, 6,000 small partners across the country have adopted healthy cats, and rescue 700 cats and wounded cats. The adoption posts in cats in the country in the country are updated at any time in the public account. 2. Apai Caring for the Small Animal Social Development Center, HELLO Apai, was established in 2016. The Apai Caring Small Animal Social Development Center in June 2018 was registered with the NGO organization in Yuexiu District, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou. It is mainly committed to helping stray animals, promoting urban scientific civilization to raise pets, now embraces 15,000 volunteers, enters the community through the government's purchase of volunteer activities services, and promotes scientific civilization to raise pets. The first domestic public welfare chain pet adoption center was founded, and 5 branches have been owned in Guangfo.nDear! Hello! The above is the answer we compiled for you. I hope my answer will be helpful to you! If you are satisfied, I hope you give us a praise! Here, we wish you a happy life and a happy family!

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