Can the cat and the stray cat be raised together?

There are two cats in my family. One British has always been beautiful. I also feed some stray cats. There is a cat who is very close to me. I want to take it back and raise it. I have a great opinion of my family. Can you raise it together?

4 thoughts on “Can the cat and the stray cat be raised together?”

  1. If you make a decision to turn it into a home -raising cat, first of all, you need to beolate the original cat at home for a week. Mainly,

    Is do not let them feel that the owner's love is deprived, and they must be obviously eccentric.

    The stray cat is healthy after a week, takes the vaccine to the hospital, repellent in the body and outside the body, and then buy a cat sand pot. The pots must be increased accordingly, otherwise it will cause cats to urinate.

    It can be kept together, so that they can slowly run in.

  2. Let's go first, and then put it together after the body is deworming. For a long time, they can adapt to the existence of each other.

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