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  1. The reason why the cat cannot be kissed casually is that cats are the main toxoplasma pathogens, and the toxoplasma can cause diseases such as abortion deformed by pregnant women.

    This pets are the final host and main source of infection of Toxoplasma. Toxoplasma is a common disease of human and animals, which can cause the body's organs to be infected. Therefore, as the relationship between humans and pets becomes closer, the hygiene of pets becomes more and more critical. Pets are the most intimate contact with people, and they are almost eating and sleeping.
    This is necessary to clean and cannot wash it frequently. Because cats are born with water, cleaning the cat with water can not only catch a cold, but also cannot sterilize. It is simple and convenient to clean with sanitary wet towels. The cleanest thing is to kill common pathogenic bacteria.
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    The introduction of cats:

    The things that often happen during pet diarrhea. Essence After eating or drinking water, the hair near the pet's mouth will be particularly dirty. Over time, it may cause changes in hair color.
    Pets for pets may be used as the most suitable alternative. Goat milk fully considers that cats can diarrhea when drinking milk. Different casein structures are different from milk. For cats, sheep milk is gentle and closer to breast milk than milk. Promote the digestion and absorption of cats.
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  2. Because cats catch mice, the mice will bring various germs, fearing to cause damage to the human body
    This mice are easily adapted to the living environment of human beings, so it has become the main harmful animal. Mouse often goes out of sewer, toilets, kitchen, etc., and acts back and forth at the places with bacteria and clean places.

  3. The cat is a bit dirty, and it is easy to infect bacteria, and the human mouth is somewhat saliva. The cat loves cleanliness. Kiss it may dislike you. The cat's mouth eats every day, and sometimes licks the hair. The one who licks the hand is very unhygienic, which is why the cat can't kiss casually.

  4. If a lot of bacteria on cats are casual, it is easy to get some diseases similar to skin diseases. In the mouth, there are many cats in the mouth. Many cats like to lick some things. Sometimes it is not good for the human body. Will it be very smelly? Are you still kissing!

  5. Because cats are the main beath -shaped body pathogens, the toxoplasma can cause diseases such as pregnant women's abortion malformations and other diseases.

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