1 thought on “Can the wild cats of more than 2 months become a family cat?”

  1. The wild cats of more than 2 months can become a cat, but need a transition period.
    Because they have adapted to the wandering environment, they are more vigilant and aggressive, and they need to have full patience and love, and wandering small wild cats are usually free to get used to it. In the environment, shoveling officers need to spend more energy, and to do a good job of deworming and healthy inspections in time.
    although the two -month -old small wild cat is not as difficult to tame than an adult stray cat, but after all, it has adapted to the wandering environment. With the alertness and aggressiveness that the cat does not have, it is derived from the human beings. Scared, so if you want to make them a cat, shovel officers must give more patience and love.
    The precautions for wild cats:
    1, first understand it, not all stray cats are suitable for family use. For example, it has been a stray cat from an early age. Its personality is more sensitive and suspicious. It does not like strangers approaching. This wild cat forced it to catch it may also let it run away. Some may have been domesticated, and they are abandoned or lost. This personality is very similar and suitable for taking home.
    2. After the first confirmation of the cat is suitable for adoption, continue to feed to develop more interaction, make it familiar with your appearance and smell, and cultivate a sense of trust. Don't touch toughly to avoid being bitten.
    3, take a cat for physical examination. If you have no other cats in your house, and the cat looks healthy and smooth, without signs of illness, you can take the cat home to develop feelings. The next day, take it to the hospital for examination. After a few days of vaccination and deworming, you can take it home to raise it.

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