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    If you have decided to raise a kitten, then I want to tell you what material preparations for breeding kittens. In fact, it is simple to build a warm living environment for kittens, as long as the following must -have items.
    . Cat cages and cat bags
    The price of cat cages sold in the super market is discouraged. Do not prevent buying a strong iron cage from the hawker in the open -air pet market. Laying a "foot pad" in the cage is cheap and easy to use. When a sick cat goes to the hospital or goes out, it is best to put a cloth on the outside of the cage to prevent the cat from seeing the sudden change of the environment and being frightened. Of course, cat bags are the best choice. It is made of waterproof fabric. It contains waterproofing lining and has a breathable mesh on both sides. It is strong and practical.
    . Brush
    If want to raise long hair cats, a brush is very necessary. Just like people lose their hair every day, cats will lose hair every day, so no matter whether they want or not, they have to sort out it every day and brush off the hair. Cats that lack long -term lack of combing will form small groups, and they will not be combed. In addition, the cat will accidentally eat the fume when it is sorted out. In the long run, the hairs will form a hair ball in the belly. It is possible to suffer from "hair balls". It is not fun to pull out the stool! So spend a few minutes a day for it!
    . Combs
    If it is a short -haired cat, a comb is enough. If possible, you can use the anti -static brush and comb.
    . Basin
    Cats are licking by tongue, so the custard to feed cats must be shallow. It is best to use a two -in -one food basin while putting water while putting water. Cat's clothing should be kept clean.
    5. Succule and shovel
    For the cat, prepare a plastic placine that is appropriate with its body shape. It is recommended to use a dedicated cat litter. my country traditionally uses ordinary sand, but ordinary sand cannot remove the odor of cat feces. If people who use ordinary sand cats do not clean up cats in time and replace sand, they will have a "cat flavor" at home, which is not good for the health of the human body and cat body. The shovel is used to clean up the feces buried in the cat litter. It is recommended to buy the "eye -catching" or hollow shovel.
    . The cat's nest
    It you can use a carton, a few layers of cloth or towel inside, or you can also buy ready -made cats. There are two types of cats sold in the market: flat basket and bean bag

  2. Cat food, do not choose a few cents, it is not good for your body. Basin, the best stainless steel, plastic will get dark chin. Cat sand pots and cat litter, general cat litter pots are sent to shovel. Cat's nest, let's follow you, my cat's cat's nest is not as comfortable as a carton. Toys, such as teasing cat sticks, such as little mice, in fact, a paper ball can also play for a day. There are also some cats and so on, see if you need it. The rest is the commonplace medicine, exorcry internal body, stomach, and Elizabeth. By the way, there are nail clams, and the nails should be cut.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Tableware: Cats also have to eat and drink water, so it is important to prepare a cat for a cat. The material of the selected food basin and water basin should be adhered to, the basin must be heavy, and the edges must be thick, so that the cat can prevent the cats from turning the food during the diet. 2. Cat sand pot: This must be prepared. Whether it is parents who make a cat toilet or buy one from the store. Cat toilets must be prepared, unless you can accept cats that can be excreted in the room. Otherwise, after the cat go home, it is necessary to train it to be convenient for the cat toilet. 3. Cat's nest: Prepare a warm, comfortable and independent cat nest for the cat. Don't let cats sleep simply on the ground, especially in the cold winter, so cats are easy to get sick. At the same time, prepare a warm cat's nest for cats, so that it has room for its own life, and also allows cats to not drill your quilt to disturb your rest. 4. Toys: There are many toys for cats, leisure and entertainment, cleaning the oral bite, and so on. Toys for cats should also be diversified, in addition to meeting the requirements of cats' leisure and entertainment. It is also very important to choose functional toys such as cat -grabbing board and bite. GuessnWhat is the best name for the white cat?nI want to raise recentlynAnswer Jinbao, StarsnSiruo, Bingbing, Snowflake, White Frost, White TigernAcai, Xinlin, Qian Duo, Xuanwu, QiannengnEveryday, White Snow, Xiaobing, Angel, AnqinRuizhe, Junyue, Treasure, Siya, QianlongnKebai, Hongzhuang, God of Wealth, Wangcai, MoneynBeibei, Dafu, Youqi, Jin Sheng, XinxinnRuyi, Wangwang, Jingsheng, Baoer, LaifunSnowball, point, banana, meat bag, shellnBouncing, balls, moon cakes, foxes, AnnienDaiyu, Ding Ding, San'er, Fei Shao, MarknMaggie, Monroe, Jiajia, Jiajia, Xiao XinLaden, Xuelang, Zai Tsai, Niu Niu, DoudounJinbao, Mingjin, Jinghui, Xili, HongzhongzhongnDali, Yuqian, Nafu, Qinglong, YuanlainKiki, Xiao Ai, Xianxian, Xianni, AnnienSweet, Milly, Dot, Baby, BeibeinMo Mo, Xiaoxue, Lolo, Nana, XiangxiangnDuoduo, Yanlai, Jincai, Duoji, CaifunReunion, Wangzi, Fubao, Huang Jin, Da GuinRich, Abe, Suzaku, Qixi, JiacainRui Rui, Yuanyuan, Coco, Gege, tanknThese are all possible, and you can also bring good lucknAsk, can there be no place in the house, can it be kept on the balcony, or can it be raised in the firewood room downstairs?nAnswer the balcony, but pay attention to the temperature, don't let the cat too dry.nQuestion, so how to cut your nails for cats?nAnswer to the cat to avoid the blood line of its nails. The blood line is generally pink or bright red, maintaining enough patience, and the use of the cat grip.nAsk a friend and say that pressing the cat's claws, the nail will pop up, is it true? Intersection Intersection And thank you for answering my question. I will ask you next time!nListening to a friend said that pressing the cat's claws, the nails will pop out, is it true? Intersection Intersection And thank you for answering my question. I will ask you next time!nAnswer, watching the cat likes you touch its paw like thisnCats are cats, and their claws can indeed shrink automatically.nTigers and lions can also be free.n33 morenBleak

  4. New cats take home necessities: Cat bags (when you receive it, do not buy full transparent, all transparent cats are torture), cat cages (just when you just return home, you cannot put it out immediately. After a night in the cage, prevent the diagnosis caused by the inspiration of the environment), cat sand pots (choose a large one, and sooner or later you will use the large one), cat litter, cats, cat food, cat food, cat comb, teaser, tease Cat sticks (using funny cat sticks can quickly closer your relationship with cats), cat grip plates (grind the cat's claws to avoid destroying furniture, also reducing stress for cats), cat nail tongs, sticky hair rollers (in order to sort out stickiness (so as to organize sticky sticky Cat hair), other things can be added later as needed

  5. The main things you want to buy for cats are: cat sand pots, cat sand, cat food, cats, pets, pet shower gels, selective purchases: cat grip, cat climbing racks, molar rods, small toys, and so on.

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