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  1. First, the cat is covered by hair. Except for a small amount of sweat glands distributed at the toe, the rest of the body watch lacks the sweat glands, so the regulation function of heat is poor. The temperature of the summer is high, and the cat body heat is not easy to emit, which is easy to occur, especially the long hair varieties. Therefore, summer heat stroke is a great threat to cats. To this end, it is an important aspect of the daily management of cats to provide cats with dry, cool, ventilation, and direct sunlight.
    . The temperature in summer is high, the air is humid, and the cat's food is also vulnerable to the intestinal bacteria of various molds. Therefore, the cat's summer diet hygiene is also a focus of daily management.
    . In the summer, the breeding of parasites in the cat's body and in vitro is also very rampant, so we must observe and pay more attention to them regularly. Mosquito, flies, fleas, etc. in summer are the communication of many diseases. The owner should do as well as the prevention of mosquito as much as possible to prevent them from affecting the health of cats.
    This information Summer is the season of high incidence of pet infectious diseases
    Gao Aili, chief physician of the dermatology department of the Guangzhou Dermatology Prevention Institute, said that the summer in Guangzhou is high temperature and rain. This hot and humid environment is particularly suitable for microorganisms. Growth and reproduction.
    In general, when cats and dogs occur, the first symptoms are the edges of the orbital, the roots of the ears, and the ear, and then the skin of the limbs and the neck of the neck. In the early stage of infection, itching symptoms occur, and the dogs are constantly grasping, causing skin flushing, damage to the skin, hair removal and a large amount of scales.
    Therefore, the owner is best to check the fur condition of the pet every day. It is the most intuitive that pets have a fungal infection of pets to change, hair removal, and scratching. After the problems are found early, they will be further inspected to the pet hospital for further inspection.
    The prevention of skin diseases should start with the source. Family raising families must keep the pets cleaning itself, but also do medical examinations and deworming work on a regular basis. If you have diseases, you must treat it in a timely manner.
    Reference information Source: People's Health Network-Love Cat Pet Dog in minutes to get skin diseases! Escape skin diseases can do this

  2. The weather is hot in summer, not only people, but cats should also pay attention to summer. At the same time, in the air -conditioned room, cats, like people, also have various air -conditioning diseases.
    . Analysis of the four major reasons for the cats of cats
    1. The owner takes the cat out of the house. When the business is done, the cat is left in a closed car. The cat's heat stroke is caused by the sweltering of the air in the car. It has also appeared cases that the owner closed the cat in the trunk to bring the cat out of the door to cause the cat's heat stroke.
    2, cats located on the balcony. Many irresponsible owners close their cats on the balcony because they are afraid of cats to get dirty their homes, causing many cases of cats in the summer heat stroke. Here we must also ask everyone to raise cats. Responsible things, and cats love cleanliness, please do not raise the cat on the balcony or toilet or cage on the grounds of fear that the cat is afraid to soil or grab the furniture.
    3, the temperature at home is too high. In some cities, it is really hot in summer. The owner cannot open air conditioning for cats at home when he goes out to work. If the air in the home is not circulating and sultry, it is easy to cause cats to heat up of the heat.
    4, on the road of exposure. Because the cat's heat stroke is fast, the hot summer, the hot asphalt road, the cat can make the cat heat stroke in about 5 minutes. But in general, cats will find places to avoid heat. Most cats on the road are mostly diseased cats or injured cats.

  3. Cats are very afraid of heat. The cats of my friend's house were heat stroke before, and there was a phenomenon of diluted and large breaths. At that time, I took the cat to take the shelling and the ocean toxin. It took about 10 days. If you appear again, if you want to know more, please Baidu.

  4. Afraid.
    The cats will also occur when the body cannot withstand the temperature. At this time, the cat will increase the temperature, the limbs are weak, the breathing is difficult, the tongue is stretched to the mouth, the vitality decreases, and the severe spit will even spit foam, blood in the stool, shock, and sudden death. When a cat is too hot, it will cause dehydration and become weak. Cats usually lick their feet and heat dissipation, and at the same time, they will extend their tongue and exhale large, speeding up the breathing speed. The sweat glands on the surface of the cat's skin are very underdeveloped. Usually, the tongue and foot pads are dissipated. In order to help the cat heat dissipation, the cat can be cut to the cat regularly to speed up the heat dissipation.
    Once the owner finds a bad reaction, he must make emergency measures in time. You need to quickly transfer the cat to a cool position, and feed a small amount of water after the cat's spirit is recovered a little. It is also necessary to avoid shaving with cats and shaving the cat for no reason. Not only will it increase the risk of the cat's depression, inducing psychological diseases, but also more likely to cause cats to be damaged by foreign objects. Cats will be afraid of heat and heat stroke. Therefore, we must take sunscreen measures for cats, and do not bring cats out on a hot day.

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