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  1. I have many years of experience in raising cats, understanding the daily life of cats, and some long -term problems. There are also solutions, so let's talk about it below.
    The cleanliness.
    For hygiene, cats do not like to take a bath. You can take a bath when the weather is warm. You can wash it once a month. Please pay attention. You must dry it or dry it. Dry dry, otherwise it is easy to rot, causing cats to get sick.
    The fish is its favorite. In addition, there are things with salty taste. For example, chicken, be careful not to give him chicken bones, and it is easy to get stuck in his throat, causing danger.
    . If the cat's biological clock is adjusted, it will play during the day and sleep at night, which is very regular.
    Cats like to play wool, and items like now. In addition to this, it also likes small things that can be moved.
    The choice of cat nest.
    The cat's nest is just dry and soft, and the cat does not have too high requirements for the nest.
    Cat's bowel movements.
    In the cat sand, let it urinate inside, or you can get some sand from the outside to give it a cat sand, often replace it, you can have no odor.

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