5 thoughts on “Chen Weiting's cat was forced to open. What interests are there between celebrities and cats?”

  1. A few days ago, Chen Weiting played "Several Storms" for fans with his mobile phone. As a result, the kitten in his arms was not watched by fans, and he made up for his thoughts. Seeing this video, in fact, I still envy the kitten in my heart. I can listen to Chen Weiting's singing scene, and I can sleep in Chen Weiting's arms. It is really happy.
    1, what stars love cats?
    Liu Yifei in the entertainment industry is a famous cat lovers. She adopted a variety of cats. In the impression, she had taken a set of photos related to cats. In this group of photos Cat hugs and play. Star Deng Lun and Meow Star's relationship is in a program. In the show, Deng Lun gently run away with the cat. It really makes people smile at the heart.
    2. Someone regards the cat as the source of inspiration.
    The well -known writer Murakami Haruki publicly stated that many of his healing works come from the inspiration given to him by the cat. When he was impoverished, it was a stray cat beside him. This stray cat is very humane. Every time Murakami takes it out, he always performs well in exchange for many snacks to prevent Murakami from being hungry. On the cold winter night, this kitten accompanied the Chunshu of Murakami, and the two were dependent on each other for many years. After the death of the stray cat, Haruki Murakami has adopted many cats, and these cats are considered by Murakami Chunshu as their own source of inspiration. In his heart, the cat is his best friend and partner.
    3, the last sentence of some celebrities said to the cat.
    The great writer Hemingway is a recognized senior cat slave in the world. Among his many novels, there is a short story, which shows the changes in human emotions through cats. And when the literary giant decided to give up his life, he did not forget to arrange his cat properly. In his will, he left his house to these cats. Playing at any life at home is not subject to any restrictions. And his last sentence before was to say good night to the cat.

  2. I know Yang Mi, and she once met a little wild cat on the set. Also feed them often. After the filming was over, they took them home. It is now raised like a treasure at home.

  3. You can bring a lot of help to humans when we are unhappy, or when you are unattended at home, help us see the door, or when you are in a bad mood, you can bring us a lot of fun. At the time, it has great help to humans, and in fact, animals also understand human psychology.

  4. Pets are already a very common phenomenon, especially in the entertainment industry, there are many stars who like cats, such as Liu Yifei, he has raised many varieties of cats, also took photos with these cats, and writer Hemingway. A novel about your cat

  5. The first point is to embrace such a thing with each other. It is really very warm. It is really interesting to give each other white hair between points 2. The third point is to kiss each other. cute.

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