1 thought on “Cute anime desktop elves”

  1. A fun desktop pet cat software, if you think a cat is lonely, running a few times, there will be a group of pet cats on the desktop.
    . Its name is stupid bird, it is a living pet because it survives itself. It can not only talk to you
    , but also very smart.
    The live on your computer desktop, where it is its home. He likes to eat biscuits, listen to music, read pet
    magazines, do not like its accounting work, but it can always be done well. Its biggest interest is to have an interesting dialogue with its
    Is we know that there are two main design methods for procedures: structural design, object -oriented design, and this program
    is neither structured nor object -oriented, but created a new kind of new kind of The design idea is called "desire
    looking for drive mode". In short, it is to adjust the
    activities of the creature through the desire parameters of various biological activities.

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