2 thoughts on “How to treat cat plague at home?”

  1. After the cat is diagnosed with cat plague, the pet owner can purchase related therapeutic drugs for the cat for the cat. Common therapeutic drugs for cat plague include: cat plague, interferon, antivirus, anti -inflammatory drugs, and diarrhea. However, in order to prevent improper medication and affect treatment, if conditions permit, it is still recommended to take cats to pet hospital for treatment in time.
    The treatment measures are as follows: 1. Strictly determine the dose of interferon in accordance with the interferon instructions and the specific weight of the cat, and inject the cat plague and blood of the diseased cat every day; Special spit medicine and antidiarrheal medicine; 3. Take or inject an appropriate amount of anti -inflammatory drugs for sick cats; 4. Supplement nutrition for diseased cats, such as an appropriate amount of electrolyte solution and supplemental vitamins for cats.

  2. My cats are scarce with bloodshot, vomiting yellow water, and found that cat plague is weak and positive, and white blood cells are slightly reduced. After I checked it, I said that it was not very serious, so I took home for treatment. Hukou liquid, Smecta and glucose, you can take a look.

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