3 thoughts on “How can I let the kitten drink more water”

  1. You can try to let cats drink plenty of water through several methods. One is to buy pets for cats to drink water drinking machines to see if cats prefer to drink flowing water; the second is to use small syringes to forcibly feed the kittens, feed 5-10ml each time It is canned the cat's grain. The cans are rich in a lot of water, which can provide a sufficient amount of water for cats. Drinking water is very important for cats. Cats drinking water are more likely to have constipation and closed urine.

  2. 1 Add soup and other soups such as fish soup. Of course, do not have salt and seasonings. Just boil fish
    2 You can buy automatic drinking machines. Cats love to drink flowing water
    3 Put a few more pots at home at home. Water, yes, it is a pot. Cats like to drink water in large pots, or put a few more bowls of water. Putting
    4 where the cats often play and eat, it really doesn't work. 2 cylinders
    5 Some cats have no lactose intolerance for milk. You can give some milk before eating, my cat, 2 love to drink milk, 1 without drinking. (And milk diarrhea is that lactose is not tolerated, you can’t drink milk anymore)

  3. The puppy cannot eat peppers. It is uncomfortable. If people eat chili, they will not be spicy, and their temper must not be good. Besides, they are puppies. Patience is much lower than people. They will be very anxious and fearful, and they should drink plenty of water at this time

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