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  1. The first point, proves that cats like the owner from the heart, prove that the relationship is close, and it is also a form of expression.
    In addition, the cat's cleanliness is very serious. I don't like humans to touch it with unclean hands, so lick it cleanly, and it is the same nature as it often takes care of its hair.
    It points, the owner has the taste that it likes or interested, so lick it. Third, you want to cover your own taste with your own saliva. This is a manifestation of announced it, which is the same as the cat circle.

  2. The cat licking the face of the owner's face represents the cat's want to get close to the owner, and is coquettish to the owner, hoping to get the host's touch. At the same time, the cat loves the owner very much, and wants to leave his own smell on the owner, so as not to be "snatched" by other cats. In addition, cat licking the owner's face is sometimes helping the owner to clean.
    When the cat thinks that the owner is trustworthy and regards the owner as his close family, he will coquettish in front of the owner, lick the host's face, and enjoy the host's touch, which means that the cat may have recognized the Lord. In normal times, it is often possible to lick each other between two cats, which shows that their relationship is good.
    Pucting data
    1. Before the new cat comes to your house, move the dangerous items to the place where it is not enough.
    2, don't let the cat touch the stove. Or install a guardrail on the side of the furnace.
    3. Pay attention to shutting down the washing machine, refrigerator, freezer, oven, microwave door.
    4, precious furniture should be placed in a place where the cat can't hold.
    5. Make sure to do not grow toxic plants where you live indoors or other cats. Some plants are toxic to cats.

  3. That is to indicate that your cat loves you very much, it is a cat's love behavior.
    This is your honor to lick you. If you have more than a cat, it happens that their relationship is not bad. You may see the scenes that licking and licking between cats, commonly known as "raising hair". Cats to strengthen social connections by licking each other, and to communicate with each other to communicate and familiar with each other, which also helps reduce stress and internal conflicts.
    This line of cats is not right, so someone will do it. Only those closest to themselves in their world can lick with each other with their tongues. So when your cat licks you, you must not hit this mood. It will make the cat feel very confused, and it will feel that you don't like it. This hurts its self -esteem.
    Extension information:
    The body language of cats:
    The so -called "cat's limb language" is the mood and desire of cats, tails, hair, mouth, and body. If the cat is tired of the feet and next to the person, it is a manifestation of the intimate manner with your head. If the cat stabs a smell secreted from your mouth to you, it means that it wants to occupy you. If the cat's gurgling sound is made in the cat's throat, it indicates that it is in a good mood. If the cat is bent in the front foot like a duck, it means its peace and dependence.

  4. Cats rarely lick people, because cats are more independent and do not trust others. It licks you that you trust you very much. Cat licking the owner is a kind of identity to the owner, but if you lick at the same position, it means cleaning up.
    Cats can respond to the owner's disease through the sense of smell, and will accompany them to lick them to relax and clean up the dirt on the body; it may be a special smell of your mouth and nose, which makes it feel like it does not feel like Comfortable, it has to lick that taste; for example, some cat owners have body odor, and cats will lick their armpits.
    Extension information: 1. Trust and love for you
    Cat licking you, which means that it is very satisfied with you. Family people will lick you, this is a way it expresses love.
    2, a social method
    Mrending a lot of cats at home may find a phenomenon, that is, cats will lick each other, such as the top of the head, ears, etc. Friendly interaction. The same cat lick you is a way to deepen the connection. If you go home after you go out, lick you to cover up the taste that it is unfamiliar, a labeling behavior.
    3, think it tastes good
    I will have some special taste on us. Some cats will have a soft spot for these tastes and will lick you. Maybe you have just finished eating, or you may have finished skin care products, etc. The cat's preference is elusive.
    4. Feel anxiety
    Most cats will frequently lick their hair due to excessive pressure, so as to smooth the emotions of anxiety. But there are also a few cats who choose to lick other things, such as blankets, owners' clothing, skin, and so on.

  5. When the cat licks people, it is showing love to the owner. Don't be surprised by the cat. It just wants to express your trust in you. Therefore, when everyone finds that cats have this action, they must express something to the cat and increase their interaction with the cat.

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