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  1. Cat viral stomatitis, also cat oral inflammation. Mouth inflammation can cause cat's oral pain, and the body is thin. Cats suffer from the owner of the oral inflammation cannot feed the cats at will, and take correct measures to solve the problem of cat's oral inflammation.
    1. Feed cats that are easy to digest for cats

    During daily feeding, it is recommended to prepare soft and digestible foods to feed cats. pain. The owner may wish to eat some meat porridge, fish porridge, or soft cat food for cats.
    2. Treatment of oralitis for cats
    During the process of feeding cats, the owner mixes some pets in the food and pays together Pet mouth green, helping cats recover healthy as soon as possible.
    3, supplement vitamin B

    cats have oral inflammation, mainly because of long -term lack of vitamin B, so when cats have oral inflammation, the owner should pay attention to the proper vitamin B to the cat In addition to feeding, you can feed some family fun vitamin B for cats to help cats supplement the vitamins required in the body and speed up the recovery.

  2. Stomatitis is one of the common diseases of cats. It is due to swallowing sharp things, such as fishbone, chicken bone, steel needle, etc., which damage the oral cavity, or lack of vitamin A and vitamins, which cause oral inflammation. In addition, some systemic diseases and anemia can also cause catturosis. Symptoms Disease Cat's oral mucosa is inflamed, ulcers, reduced appetite, a lot of drooling, smelling, cats shook their heads from time to time, showing pain and anxiety; some sick cats sat next to the basin for a long time, but they did not drink water. Symptoms; when suffering from eosinophilic granuloma, the edge of the cat's lips gradually increases small round spots, and then the edge of the lips is turned off and turned into a spoon -shaped. Treatment measures: Use 0.1%potassium permanganate solution or 2%boric acid solution to clean the mouth, apply iodine glycerin to the affected area, and appropriately supplement cod liver oil and B vitamin; if it is a virus ulcerative stomatitis, there is no special effect medicine at present, you can have no special effects, you can do it, you can do it. Try virus spirit, vitamin or muscle injection of penicillin. Prevention: Provide clean drinks for cats every day so that it can wash the mouth by itself; appropriately supplement cod liver oil and vitamin B to facilitate recovery after disease healing.

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