1 thought on “Can the owner go to see the kitten cub frequently?”

  1. Yes, don't look frequently.
    The owner cannot see when a cat is born, and it is best not to watch it half a month after birth, because this period is a period of sensitive cats. It is full of hostility for outsiders cats. Try not to look at it. But it does not rule out that each cat is different. Some cats will be super sticky, and the owner must be stuck when you lower the cub. You must let the owner touch it. Safety is helpful for smooth production.
    The owner can also observe whether the female cat has an abnormally reaction in time. If the owner can respond as soon as possible, even the owner can help the female cat production to observe whether the kitten is sound. The female cat's motherhood is very strong and the cat is small. If strangers go to see the female cat's cub, it may cause the female cat to hide the kitten who has just given birth or eat it directly because it feels like this. The environment makes it feel very unsafe.

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