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  1. It is recommended that you try it like this: Cats are very human. If you are not good at it, you will run away from home for a long time. After you hit the cat, you can take the following measures.
    The cats are all mouth -ranging. On weekdays, what does it like to eat the most, you buy it, give it to eat, the movement is slightly softer, don't loud. Cats are very fun. You can use cat sticks and other cat toys to tease it. When it is happy, you will forget it slowly.
    If it is hit many times, then you can prepare for food silently. Over time, the cat will feel it.

    The benefits of doing this: Cats are very spiritual. Remember not to be overwhelmed and try them one by one.
    Stique: It is important to maintain a good mentality. Also, try not to fight for cats, and you can use a cold way to punish it.

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    If the cat is angry, the shoveling officer should do these 4 points, how do you "coax" What about cats?
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    sometimes unhappy, then At that time, they become irritable and are unwilling to communicate with the shoveling officer. If the shoveling officer has been disturbing them, they will also use a cat's paw to shoot shovel officers.

    The cats are unhappy about what is the matter? How should the shoveling officer comfortable when seeing them unhappy?

    First of all, the shovel officer needs to calm down first. If the shoveling officer becomes calm, how can he comfort the cat.

    Is when the cat is unhappy, the shoveling officer should do the following 5 points to make the unhappy cat gradually calm down.

    The first point: feed the cat snacks

    If the shoveling officer places delicious snacks in front of cats, they are likely to never be happy Calm down in the state, and turn to enjoy snacks.

    It, the cat is quite concerned about food except for playing. They also like to eat delicious snacks, so they have often went to steal human food. Whether cats are happy, delicious snacks always make them like.

    The point of note is that if the cat eats too much snacks, it will make them risk of getting fat.

    . Whenever the cat is unhappy, the shoveling officer uses snacks to make them quiet, which will give the cat a wrong cognition. They will feel that they are only when they are unhappy. Only to get more snacks, so you will be deliberately unhappy.

    The cat's learning ability is not bad. Do n’t let them learn bad things.

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