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  1. What happened to the cat in the middle of the night? The cat called in the middle of the night, probably because it was in the estrus. This is the normal physiological reaction of normal cats. When estrus, the cat's personality will become anxious. In order to attract the opposite sex, they will call and pee everywhere. In this case, the owner's anger and scolding are not used. And the owner should not treat cats like this.

    In order to change this situation, you can perform sterilization surgery after the pet cat's normal estrus (of course, if you really need sterilization surgery, the owner must know clearly Thinking). In the face of cat calls, parents should better appease, the hospital's tolerant and large attitude towards pet cats. When the cat is in estrus, it will not be summoned in the middle of the night.

    What is the cat in the middle of the night? The cat called at midnight because it had formed a bad habit. Or if you sleep too much during the day, you still have a lot of energy at night. In addition, cats are animals at night. They will focus on rest during the day. It will start to move at night, and jumping and shouts are inevitable.

    Is to avoid these situations. When the cat is still young, the owner should pay attention to guidance and cultivate cats to develop good living habits. During the day, the owner can also interact with the cat, play games, play some toys for cats, help cats consume it energy, so that it can sleep quietly at night instead of the old cough.

    Cats to understand the goodness of the cat's mood

    The cats have been calling in the middle of the night? It is no strange to talk about cat news now. For example, the cat on the Internet will even say "NO". In fact, cats are very smart animals. They can make more than 200 sounds. Here we generally have a general overview of four types, namely snoring, meow, hissing, and Mi Mi ~ Wow, today we will take everyone to understand these four together. What do the types mean.

    The first: snoring

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