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  1. Cats can eat pork ribs, but it is recommended to put it in moderation.

    The fat particles in pork are large, so it is difficult to be digested by cats, and it is easy to cause indigestion. Therefore, there is no choice for pork as the source of meat commonly used by cats.

    It, from the perspective of food, it is good for cats and dogs to feed pork, because pork is different from other meats, chicken, duck meat, beef, and mutton. Lord, there are few solid fat ingredients as pork.

    A disadvantages: When a cat or dog consumes a large amount of fat, the extra amount of calories will accumulate in the body, which can easily lead to excessive obesity of pets, especially when the pets themselves are fixed. Fast foods mainly cause problems such as hyperlipidemia and coronary heart disease. In addition, excessive fat requires the help of pancreas during digestion. Once too much, pancreatitis may occur, which will endanger the health of pets.

    What can Cat ca n’t eat:

    excessive salt/too salty food

    Excessive urination can cause cat sodium ion poisoning. So all the salty foods are not fed because of the cat.

    Excessive liver

    Eating too much liver will cause excessive vitamin A. Excessive vitamin A will affect the absorption of calcium, which will cause cats to be abnormal Growth.


    may eat some foods such as pork ribs for cats. , Intestinal perforation, severe suffocation will even occur.

    Raw eggs

    Raw eggs contain an antibiotic protein. He will reduce the cat's absorption of vitamin B. If the cat does not absorb enough vitamin B, it will have hair loss or skin diseases. The problem.

  2. can.
    The pork is a good energy and nutritional supply for cats. However, it should be noted that cats are best to eat lean meat, and they are completely cooked meat. Occasionally eat it, and they ca n’t eat it frequently. Otherwise, cats will be prone to obese and will also love picky eaters and do not want to eat cat food.
    The cats are meat -eating animals, and naturally they can eat pork, beef, fish and other meat foods.

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