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  1. "If the cat does not eat, the owner needs to find the cat's not eating before it can be dealt with. For example, the cat is loss of appetite because of illness. At this time, you need to go to the pet hospital for treatment in time. Then the owner needs to communicate with the cat in time to relieve the cat's emotions; for example, the cat's taste of cat food is not adapted, at this time, you can change a cat food, etc. "
    Om how to make cats love to eat?
    The cats who are picky can really hurt.
    but according to my experience, don't easily believe in cat food recommended by the pet shop owner. The cat food he sells to you may not necessarily be.
    The varieties of cat food, especially when you encounter cat food that picks your mouth, you should try a few more types. You can buy a small packaging to try the taste in the early stage. Costful.
    1. If the economic conditions are good, it is recommended to buy imported natural cat food. The specific brands will not be recommended. It is expensive, but it is really reliable. If you raise a cat, you should still afford it.
    2, nutrition cream is a good thing.
    For thin cats, especially kittens, the taste and nutritional content of nutritional cream are very good, and almost no cats will reject this thing. Feed about 8 cm a day and can see the results in one month.
    The stray cats I picked up before, about 3 months, except for cat food, the nutrition cream feeding, the oil was smooth and water after a month. The price is about 100 yuan.
    3, canned cats and homemade cat rice.
    Is canned cats, you can find it on the Internet, don't buy too cheap ones. I usually like to eat some of my own cats. For example, go to the vegetable market to buy chicken breasts and fish. After returning home, the white water is cooked and crushed, and then mix a little vegetables, such as carrots, and then feed the cat. They also love to eat.

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