5 thoughts on “My female cat has a kitten. Why did the female cat eat the kitten?”

  1. 1. The kitten is polluted by other odors.
    m female cats will make nests in advance when they are produced, and in general, the nests made by female cats will not be easily discovered. This nest has only the taste of female cats and these kittens. With other tastes on the kitten, the female cat will suspect that these kittens are not it, and naturally will produce aggressiveness. Here we also tell us that even the owner of the cat, do not easily contact the kitten, and do not touch the female cat's cub, so as not to get the smell on our hands, it will affect the judgment of the female cat. Do bad things.
    2. The female cat was stimulated, so she did bad behavior.
    This cats will become very sensitive after production. If there are fireworks and firecrackers and some stimulus from the outside world, then the female cat will feel a serious threat of survival at this time. In this case, he will also be Make a action to hurt the kitten, so breeding kittens in the family should try not to choose to be too noisy places to avoid adverse consequences.
    3. Female cat's motherhood is not strong, or malnutrition.
    It female cats themselves are not particularly suitable for raising cubs, because some female cats are particularly poor in motherhood. After production, because these kittens brought pain to female cats, they did it. attack. In addition, after the female cat produces, these kittens must drink milk. When the cubs are breastfeeding, the female cat does not have any milk to cause the female cat pain, so the female cat will also eat the kitten.
    If the female cat must supplement some nutrients before and after production, to avoid malnutrition after production, and pay attention to the health of the female cat. If the inflammation is caused by inflammation, With other symptoms, the physical condition of the female cat has a poor physical condition and affecting the emotions of the female cat, then it may cause the bad consequences of the female cat to hurt the kitten.

  2. Introduction: I can often hear such a sentence. Maternal love is the greatest, and so is it for animals, but the female cat has eaten the cat baby after giving birth to a kitten. The editor felt incredible. Today, I will answer you why the female cat has a kitten, but the female cat will eat the kitten again. This is from the awareness of self -protection of cats.
    . The female cat eats the kitten after giving birth to a kitten because the awareness of self -protection of the cat family is because when the female cat has a kitten, some people have moved the cute kitten, and then The cute kitten dipped in other smells. When the female cat smells such a smell, it will play a psychological role of protecting the kitten. This is not a very strange thing. This is not a very strange thing. This method will use this method to play a role in protecting itself when the cat family is primitive. In the animal world, there has also been an introduction to such a plot. After the wild Tiger's male tiger and female tiger mate, the female tiger gave birth to two or three little tigers.
    . The female cat eats the kitten because the three little tigers and tigers of the survival of the fittest will not all leave him. She will only leave the strongest tiger. It will eat all, this is the survival of the fittest mentioned in Darwin's theory of biological evolution. Some netizens will also feel curious, why the female cat eats her cats instead of killing it alone. This is because the female cat is very weak after production, so she urgently needs to supplement nutrition, But she couldn't prey during this period, so she chose to eat her kitten directly.
    In a nest kitten born with a female cat, if there is a relatively weak kitten, the female cat sees this weak cat who knows that there is no way to support her, but also to supplement her milk, so she will Choose to eat this kitten, so that you can strengthen your body, and you can also add milk, which can also support other cats. Therefore, the female cat has a kitten, but it eats the kitten, which may be because of the principle of the survival of the fittest.

  3. This is because the female cat has some stress reactions, because cats are a kind of creative creature. If they feel that the external environment is not particularly safe, it is likely to make some stress. For example, Like eating the kitten. Every mother is very great. Even if it is an animal, she loves their children. They say that tiger poison does not eat children. Even if she does not like their children, they will not bear to hurt their children.
    but some cats eat the kittens they have just given up, which makes many people feel difficult to understand. It is a physiological phenomenon, and it is terrible. After all, it is his own child. It ’s so easy to eat. Do n’t you feel heartache? In fact, female cats eat kittens are a very common behavior. When they feel unsafe outside environment, they will make this kind of stress, which is also a common physiological phenomenon. Because cats are a very alert creature, they will be very insecure if they have no way to determine that the surrounding environment is safe.
    Especially when the kitten was born, if there are other creatures next to them, these kittens will be stained with other creatures. Female cats have no way to distinguish whether this is their own child, it is likely to eat these kittens with other odors. In other words, the mother's heart may feel that there is no way to support her children, how can there be other creatures in the nest. When some kittens were born, there were some defects on their bodies, and the female cat would eat the kitten in order to stop the loss in time.
    Because the female cat does not have so many milk, these disabled kittens need to drink milk to grow up. In order to give these milk to a healthy kitten, the female cat will have to disable the disability as a last time The kitten eats. Although this behavior is a bit cruel to human beings, it is difficult for humans to interfere, so when producing female cats at home, humans are best not to disturb them, and do not let kittens dye human atmosphere.

  4. Because this kitten's constitution is relatively weak, there is no way to grow normally, so it will eat the other party, so that nutrition can be supplemented and reduced their body consumption.

  5. Because the female cat has a stress reaction, I am scared of the surrounding environment, or you have come into contact with the kitten. The female cat thinks that the kitten is not his, so when the cat is produced, we have to give it to the cat to give it. He is a good environment and don't disturb him.

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