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  1. Which country's cartoon was the most watched when I was a kid? right! The United States and Japan. The annual export amount of the American animation industry ranks first in the world, and the animation industry is also the pillar industry of the United States. In Japan, the market size of the animation industry is nearly 300 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for about 10%of GDP. The animation industry has surpassed the steel and automobile industry and has become the third largest industry in Japan. At present, there are more than 400 million children under 13 years of age in China, which is close to the total population of the United States and Japan. The annual demand for these children alone is about 260,000 minutes. Market space of 100 million yuan. And now we have only 20,000 minutes of anime programs that are actively broadcasting each year. The rest of the time did not want to broadcast, but there were no good original works. Once there are good works, market demand will be released in large quantities. For example, "Hi Yangyang and Big Wolf", which is very popular now. As the production level of our domestic animation is getting higher and higher, the market space and development prospects will grow bigger! There are also film and television dramas in the post -production. Our country currently shoots about 10,000 TV series and nearly 100 movies every year. You know, the special effects of a movie need to be a team of dozens of people, which costs hundreds of thousands or even millions. How many companies do you need to do these tasks? How big is this? In addition, TV column packaging is also huge in the same market. There are more than 30 provinces in our country, hundreds of cities, and each city has several own TV stations. Each TV station has 5 or 6 channels. Each channel also has many columns. There are tens of thousands. You know, the packaging cost of making a column is as small as hundreds of thousands, as many as millions. Generally, the TV column must be packed once every 1-2 years. You calculate it again. Is the market share in it small? Of course, the animation advertising market cannot be ignored. China is the third largest advertising market in the world. The market share in 2009 reached 280 billion yuan, and it increased at a rate of 20%per year. The funds invested in CG animation and later production in TV advertisements accounted for nearly 50%. At present, the positions of the advertising industry R

  2. Since the "Eleventh Five -Year Plan", with the support of a macro policy and a series of special policies that encourage the development of the animation industry, the rapid development of the Chinese animation industry has undergone a transformation from small to large, from less, and from foundry to originality. Promoting the upgrading of the cultural industry structure and accelerating the transformation of economic development methods has played an increasingly important role, and achieved significant results.

    "2013-2017 China Animation Industry Development Prospects and Investment Forecast Analysis Report" released by the Foresight Industry Research Institute shows that in 2010, the total output value of the animation industry reached 47.084 billion yuan, an increase of 27.8 compared to 2009 %, Of which Guangdong Province ranked first with 16.867 billion yuan, and Shanghai and Hunan ranked two or three with 5.090 billion yuan and 4.655 billion yuan. In 2010, a total of 385 domestic TV cartoons produced in the country were 220530 minutes, an increase of 19.57%and 28.35%year -on -year; the scale of the network animation market increased from 10 million yuan in 2005 to 79 million yuan, and the growth rate rose from 25%to 93 %.

    The analysis of the Animation Industry Research Group of Foresight Industry Research Institute believes that despite problems, the Chinese animation industry will continue to develop rapidly under the support of the government and the broad market prospects. At present, the Chinese government has regarded the entire animation industry as an industry that grows in high-speed growth in the future. The goal is to take 1%of the GDP in the future of 5-10 years. Based on the 8%GDP growth rate per year, the production value of the animation industry after 10 years later It will reach more than 600 billion yuan. In addition, China has 267 million minors, which are potential consumer groups of the animation industry, and most of them are the only children who love the whole family. The purchasing power is relatively strong. Based on the above analysis, it is expected that in the future, Chinese animation production and derivative development will make breakthroughs, and the output will maintain a growth of about 25%.

    In short, the market prospects of my country's animation industry are very good and the growth rate is fast.

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  4. At present, the annual output value of my country's animation and related industries is about 50 billion yuan, which is a considerable market. It can have a profound impact on the traditional industries such as production, learning, networking, culture and manufacturing, business, and logistics. Essence As of October 2007, more than 30 domestic animation industrial parks, more than 5,400 animation institutions, more than 450 universities have opened animation majors, and more than 460,000 animation majors.

    In the analysis of the "2014-2018 China Animation Industry Development Prospects and Investment Forecast Analysis Reports" released by the Institute of Foresight Industry Research Institute: CCTV Children's Channel's annual premiere domestic cartoons reach 65,000 minutes, and the ratings are fast. Growth and effective landing have continued to expand, and the scale of audiences exceeds 600 million people.

  5. My understanding is very good
    otaku otaku maids increase in a little bit
    not just teenagers to see that some adults also like to watch
    , so there are still good prospects

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