Plants are also crazy, and the big functions of various plant extracts in functional beverages

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  1. In recent years, plants and functional beverages have shown a trend of prosperity. Whether it is consumption growth, market increase, or new products, it has developed sharply. The development of plants and functional beverages comes from consumers' demands for health. Vitamins, minerals, plant extracts and other nutrients, without preservatives, natural, organic, and low sugar are consumers' attention points for consumers to choose energy drinks.

    In the segmentation of plants and energy beverages, the consumption growth of functional beverages of natural ingredients is the largest, and consumers are very interested in energy beverages of all natural ingredients. Data show that in 2011, the sales of natural and organic foods and beverages in the United States were nearly $ 39 billion, and in 2018, sales exceeded $ 78 billion.

    The rich natural ingredients in drinks come from plant extracts. So in the beverage market, which plant extracts are the most popular beverage ingredients?

    The plant extracts commonly used in plants and functional beverages

    | Guarana extract
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    Gwarana, also known as Brazil, contains 2.5%-7.0%of Gwadanin, which is a central nervous system stimulator, enhanced heart rate and contraction, inhibiting platelets, promoting gastric acid secretion, causing multiple urine urine , Relax the smooth muscle of the external blood vessels and bronchies, promote the release of catecholamine, and indirectly inhibit the release of histamine.

    . Different from traditional caffeine functional health products, the natural caffeine contained in Guarana can gradually and slowly stimulate nerves, stimulate the effective period of stimulation, and the stimulation is more milder. There is no harm to the human body. Therefore, many functional drinks will use this extract, such as Japanese full.

    | Maca extract

    Maccus contains alkaloids, mustard oil, vitamins, protein, amino acids, polysaccharides, minerals, and minerals and minerals and minerals and minerals and minerals and minerals and minerals and minerals and minerals and minerals. A variety of natural plant activity ingredients. A variety of alkaloids of Maca can regulate the function of adrenal glands, pancreas, ovaries, etc., and balance the hormone level in the body;

    rich taurine, protein, etc. can regulate and repair physiological functions. Improve qi and blood and relieve menopausal symptoms; iron, protein, amino acids, mineral zinc and other zinc can help a solid immune system, improve the resistance of the body, anti -fatigue, and improve the symptoms of anemia. Therefore, it is mostly used for men's preference for functional drinks.

    | Brazilianberry extract

    Brazilianberry is the favorite healthy weight loss food of Americans, native to Brazil. Brazilianberry is rich in a variety of vitamins and antioxidants, which has very obvious effects on the human body. It is mainly reflected in the aspects of antioxidant, anti -free radicals, enhanced skin immunity, anti -aging, oily skin balance, and reduce cholesterol. rn rn rn 巴西莓是既可以减肥又抗衰老的食品,其含有丰富的膳食纤维和高价值油脂,还富含多种身体必需的营养成分:钾、钙、 Iron, vitamin E and vitamin A. Suitable for people, especially drinks for women and elderly people.

    | Yue Orange extract

    D oranges is a small paste that can present purple blue or purple -red in Nordic, The main active ingredients are colorfulins. The appearance of the orange orange is very similar to the blueberry, but compared with blueberries, the content of the orange -orange color is 4-5 times higher, and the health effect is better.

    The more oranges are gradually recognized and loved by people's vision and prevention of blood vessels. Regular consumption can reduce the damage of free radicals and retina on the eyes of the eyes and retinal, and prevent retinal lesions; it can also enhance the flexibility of the capillaries, promote the microcirculation of the eye, and improve the vision. In addition, Vietnam can prevent cancer, and it also improves chronic hepatitis B.

    | Gold and Silver Flower extract

    Gold and silver flower extracts are extract, which is extracted from natural plant honeysuckle. The color is brown powder, which can be used as raw materials for medicines, health products, and cosmetics. It has antibacterial and clear fire.

    The plant extracts commonly used in the hot herbal tea drink on the market. Many enterprises lay out plant beverages based on this more well -known plant as the starting point and develop plant beverages, such as silver flower dew.

    | Dendrobium Essence

    Dendrobium is one of the Chinese medicines that occupy a relatively important position. The head of Daxian Cao "! You know, ginseng, Tianshan Snow Lotus, and Ganoderma lucidum are also among fairy grass, but the ranking is behind Dendrobium. With Dendrobium eliminating qi, supplementing the five internal organs to wins thin, strong yin and essence, long -term service, thick gastrointestinal effects.
    It in the market where plant beverages are competing to bloom, there are few and few of such medicinal herbaceous plants to extract material drinks. Among them, the Dendrobium Drinking of the Mori Shishi is a drink made of Dendrobium essence. Such beverages not only green, healthy, no preservatives, etc., but also have multiple effects such as stomach, bright eyes, and beauty. It can be said that the "Hermes" in plant beverages is also a new trend of market development in the future.

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