How to care for male private parts carefully

The male genitalia is commonly referred to as the penis, which shows its importance to men. However, it is also a highly injectable place, and only careful care and maintenance can keep the penis normal.

sexe doll says washing is healthier, and washing your lower body every day isn't just a women's issue. Men should also wash their perineum every day just as women do. Don't underestimate washing your lower body, don't just be a formality, or you may get twice the result with half the effort, or even backfire. If some people want to save trouble, wash their feet with water, but they don't know that the mold of an athlete's foot can spread to the perineum and form a jock itch.

1. Daily cleaning

Have you noticed your baby hanging his head after a lengthy day at work and coming home to release himself? ! My underwear has been stuffy all day. Can it be pleasant if I don't wash it thoroughly?

When cleaning the baby, choose a special male treatment solution. Now on the market for men's care solutions affordable, with sterilization, deodorization, collagen supplement effect, can make your baby elastic. At the same time, the care solution can also be carefully cleaned before and after driving to keep dry and robust! Here we have xy doll.

2. Underwear selection

Underwear is essential because it protects your baby nicely; ​but did you choose the right underwear? How to choose underwear that meets the standard and has sanitary fabrics? On this hot summer day, excellent air permeability is preferred to keep your baby breathing! Underwear has a life span of its own, preferably 4. - Time to give up 6 months!

3. Don't overindulge

Both self-resolution and the relationship with your partner should not be too frequent. If frequent indulgence is easy to excessive, great harm; ​of course, proper relationships are good for your health! ​Relationships are too frequent, easy to cause headaches, mental haggard, waist and legs sour and a series of health crises!

4. Sleep naked

The benefits of men sleeping naked, first make sure the bedspread is hygienic, then let your body in close contact with the quilt, what a relaxing thing to do, release their baby, don't crowd in tight spaces, let it move nicely, because it, because you, is a highly beneficial healthy thing. After sleeping naked for a few days, you will find that your baby is extremely refreshed and numerous common minor problems will recover with naked sleeping.

5. Don't have too much sex

In fact, when women don't have sufficient vaginal lubrication and are forced to enter; ​if the movement is overly intense, it will not only cause women infinite pain, but also cause cracks in the foreskin. Although the foreskin will heal on its own, if it's overly severe, stitches will be needed.

6, endure Jing does not shoot is not good.​

Do not prolong the erection or band to prolong the erection or prevent him from ejaculating, which is likely to clot the blood and cause necrosis of the penis tissue.

Expert advice: due to scrotum, penis skin wrinkles, sweat glands, secretion, especially wear chemical fiber underwear, will make ventilation bad, therefore a lot of sweat, residual urine, not wash feces residue, female secretion and semen will pollute the whole penis, scrotum and perineal area. This condition is extremely conducive to the propagation of bacteria and other microorganisms, and if not washed, it will not only smell, but also be detrimental to skin health.

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