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  1. With the improvement of living standards today, fitness has not only become a way of sports, but also a way of lifestyle. As the most used app you use now, WeChat now recommends several fitness WeChat public accounts worthy of attention, providing guidance and some other help for everyone's fitness.
    1.fittime Rui Jian era. This is a relatively professional fitness community public account, which has related tutorials and videos such as training, diet, supplements, tips, etc. of novice. There are also FT Club micro -communities, which are shared with many fitness dry goods here. There are supporting apps that can be downloaded and installed, where many of the popular people here will share it in it.
    2.keep public account. This is also a fitness public account with APP. I have used their apps before. It is estimated that everyone should be familiar with. very useful. There are a lot of training videos, dry foods, and refueling functions. It has powerful sharing functions and large number of people.
    3. Hard -core fitness public account. The content is very professional, including many selected articles and hardcore hardware. Selected articles are divided into theory, location, pain, nutrition, and recipes. Other simple exercises can basically meet your various fitness needs.
    4. This public account to lose weight for women or women's fitness enthusiasts is necessary. Most of their articles introduce how women are fitness to lose weight. There are many successful cases. After paying attention to this account, you can add a WeChat group. In the group, you can have a strict system regulation on diet and exercise. Daily check -in can help the habit of developing, but also improve the success rate of weight loss and fitness goals.
    In short, I hope that the above recommendation can help solve your problem, and I also hope that you can achieve your fitness goals!

  2. Many people now pay attention to fitness, but because of various reasons, there is no time to go to the gym! Or the fitness card is too expensive, the coach is not professional, etc., you will think about how you can work alone at home.

    The platform for fitness is also more, what app! It is really overwhelming, and there are a lot of public accounts, but today I first pushed a public account that improved online and offline at the same time, that is, Fitnow met. Unlike other public accounts, someone will be guided by adding this platform. And it is very real and warm.
    . They will divide the students into many classes, including junior classes, intermediate and senior classes. I have only stayed in the primary class. This class includes many places in one class. In the group, the famous members have class teachers and teaching assistants in the group, and they will release the second day of the second day every night at eight o'clock in the evening.
    The students must complete the exercise before 8pm and punch cards. They must take leave by more than eight o'clock and complete it before 10 pm. Otherwise, how to exercise and check in the class, you will know when you enter the class. On the first day, the upper body is stretched, the second day of the speed runs, the third day is stretched on the third day, and the fourth day is resting. That is, to do three breaks and one break. Forty days in the first phase, the task will gradually increase the difficulty, and the middle cannot be added.

    . It is also necessary to strictly control the diet for catering. How to make this one -day evening work teacher every day is good. Every day I know what should I do the next day? Because in the same group, you can also communicate with each other
    This public account is more temperature than other public accounts, not only online video teaching, but also the responsibility of the class teacher and teaching assistant, as well as the leader of the leader Seriously, of course, more importantly, a group of rookies encourage and cheer each other, and give the courage on your fitness road.

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