2 thoughts on “How to operate WeChat groups. Convert fans and promote your own products”

  1. 1. Use the public account to promote
    This After opening the public account, you want to make the product well. A WeChat account is not enough. You can cooperate with multiple WeChat accounts to operate, and multi -directional drainage can better operate. It can be divided into a service number, a subscription number, and one ordinary or other account. In the corresponding method, the product is pushed out, and then the activity is appropriate; for the products and stores on WeChat, it is a cycle process, and it is also the market that slowly stands on the WeChat platform.
    2. The potential of the personal number
    The personal number cannot be ignored. The gameplay is not just selling goods, but also the circle of friends is not just that individuals can play, companies can also be personal names, friends circle. For high -quality products, for products that need to be trusted, for products with high return rates, they can actually make personal number. Many times, the influence of the circle of friends is greater than the public account.
    For companies that have just started to do WeChat, complex data reports are of little significance. Paying attention to interaction and number of fans, the number of fans in the early stage is more important, and no fans are cost -effective to complete the activity. Find a way to transform old customers into WeChat friends and the most important thing to focus on fans. So how to break through the number of people? There is a simple way, each number increases to about 4,000, and then opens the second number, copy the avatar and nickname, and then synchronize the content of the circle of friends. This can form a matrix. Each time you send a circle of friends, you can synchronize multiple numbers together, and occasionally an interactive copy.
    3. Create WeChat group
    This is always convenient when doing things, so creating a WeChat group for its own WeChat group is the primary consideration; Pull the corresponding WeChat friends to enter, timely interactive topics, activity promotion, etc. Join WeChat group, make shops or products on WeChat, can only be used to make the market better. Only with more groups and WeChat friends online support can we continue to operate; this is to promote products and stores to WeChat It's more important.

  2. When pulling in the transaction user, when there is a new product, these people are preferred, or some people in the group will experience it for free;
    and then only need to submit the experience experience! Then share it in the group;
    It is like a buyer show on a platform! Share out! Then if you promote your products, you still use the public number. After all, one public account is equivalent to you have a store, and consumers are willing to go to the store to consume!

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